Monday, November 28, 2005

Eurythmics: Be Yourself Tonight

Although this album is full of hits I have only transferred one song to my MP3 player.

The album features songs such as There Must Be An Angel, Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves and Would I Lie To You.
Ok super, but instead I chose the lesser known It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) because it has always been one of my favourite Eurythmic songs.

I've always been a B'side person.
First big hit single from an album would get my attention, but it's usually the second release of an album and an artist that I will really love.
Or the third or the fourth.
A lesser known song that is always better than the smash hit, the blockbuster.
For example, when I first heard Sweet Dreams I was intrigued. But the song I really loved from Eurythmics' first album was Love Is A Stranger. I find it undoubtedly superior.

And so with this album, although Annie will always sing Sisters Are Doing It blah blah blah in concerts, I can just fly when I hear the opening notes of It's Alright.
It's such a beautiful song and it's very optimistic, hopeful and cathartic.
Annie's voice is just brilliant.

LISTEN TO IT: When your baby's coming back of course. Just pump up the volume and feel the happiness!!!


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Sounds like quite the journey home, but I'll bet the whole trip was quite worth it.
That is so funny about your fluently Greek fellow passenger...
Oh, that is so Murphy's Law!

I was explaining you to my husband - the girl from Greece who lives in London on holiday in Amsterdam.

I have always loved Annie Lennox & what a powerful, yet beautiful voice.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Time for me to watch CSI Miami, then to bed.


BallerinaGurl said...

Oh I just LOVE the Eurythmics!! So where is the link? Or are we supposed to run out and get this album? We have it our sea of CD's! I'll come back after my husband goes fishing to find me!

Thanks for your sweet posts! I am much better thank you! You are too good to me! Love ya!


jillytee said...

Hey hey Marietta, so you're back, sounds like a beastly bit of airport runaround though, but you did make it sound funny! Poor you.. Just make sure you get there in good time on Sunday. What a good thing Balham was, I feel we've made good friends since then and now we'll all get to meet each other properly AND be listening to the music we all love.
Result I'd say!
Jill xox

JoeBoy said...

Main Entry: eu·ryth·mics
Variant(s): or eu·rhyth·mics /-miks/
Function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction
: the art of harmonious bodily movement especially through expressive timed movements in response to improvised music

Brilliant name and fab music. And they are back together.

Nabonidus said...

Annie is f*cking amazing. That song
"Whyyyyyyyy..." OMG.
Hope all's well Marietta, I was working on some frustrating projects,
haven't been blogging the people I've wanted to.Glad I am back! I need look at all the posts I've missed.

greekzoe said...

Υια σου Maριεττα!!
Glad you made it back home. Your posts are so creative! Wish I could express myself the way you do. You make me laugh.
Thanks for brightening my day!

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I am so envious of you being able to attend the Basement Jam!
Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

Hope I can find a computer to watch it on...

Tell your flatmate that I lived in Maple Ridge in 1986/87 (Expo '86).
I now live on the other side of the mountains in Southeastern BC in the East Kootenays.
Say HI from BC!

The temperature warmed to -10 C overnight & it's still snowing!!!

Have a good day.

Tausha71979 said...

Hey Marietta!

Ooh I have to check out that album, wonder if I can find it around here? Even though I don't really care for Annie L, I still think that the music is wonderful! Hope to see you around soon!