Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The coldest of them all

That's it!

From today,

I quit smoking.

It was in the spur of the moment.
I was having a coffee with my flatmate and I turned around and said:
"That's it, I quit smoking. I'm tired of coughing, I'm fed up of paying through the nose for a pack of cigarettes, I'm ashamed of how my clothes smell and I'm just going to quit!"

She looked at me with disbelief at first, but then she turned around and said:
"Someone will be very proud of you and he is smiling right now" and she showed me a picture of my father. I welled up. My father was a heavy smoker and he died of lung cancer when he was 39 years old. MY AGE! I've never met him and I feel terrible about that. So, this one's for him.

I went to Boots and bought 2 boxes of patches. I vanished all ashtrays, lighters, matches and threw away the rubbish with the last smelly ashes. I am never going to the smokers room at work again and I am going to give my last pack to a friend of mine.

I know I'm going to make it, because the good thing with me is that for seven weeks a year when my mother is around, I don't smoke at all. She doesn't know. She thinks I'm an anti-smoker. She'd die. But thanks to that little white lie, I will be able to pretend I never smoked, which will help me quit.
I don't consider myself an addict, because of the above reason.
Although I like smoking, I can live without it.

After 16 years, on the 16th of November I smoked my last cigarette.
Check my ticker at the bottom of the blog for my progress...


Sudarshan said...

That's a great thing u did..cheers!! anways nice blog..keep posting!!

The Humanity Critic said...

Good luck, I have faith in you. I stopped smoking a few years ago and if I can do it I know you can.

BallerinaGurl said...

Oh my Greek Goddess I am so so proud of you! Now just to clarify..will I be hearing your sweet sounds in my fav language or will the be profaniites expressing your mental side from your quit?

Either way I think you are fantastic and I am mental right there with you on my crazy diet (lost 11 lbs! so far)

Chat tomorrow but I will be late from taking my daughter to a half hour late! See you then!


Mark T said...

Good for you Marietta!! You will be healthier and richer. I know you'll do it for good. Don't let me down. Mark

greekzoe said...

Wishing you the best! You can do it. I know it will be hard the first few weeks but before you know it the urge to smoke will dwindle away. I too have faith in you!


jillytee said...

Hooray hooray, I'm so glad for you!!!
Everyone has to lead their own life but if you cangive up it will be so good for you (and your pocket) except you'll probably spend it all on more albums.
Good luck
J xx

JoeBoy said...

Best wishes for you stopping.

Mark T said...

Had any fags today??

PTfan said...

Wow! Great announcement. By the way, I LOVE the picture to go with it. Clever. You go girl. What a shame about your father. So young. Won't it be hard not to share with your mom your wonderful progress? You will feel so proud, I am thinking it would be hard not to say. Well, you can satisfy those urges with us bloggers even if you can't share with her.
Way to go!