Saturday, November 05, 2005

No photos...but jolly good time!

I hate my digital camera. It eats up batteries like crazy and today was one of these days...

Every year I participate at the Christmas Parade, the most famous London store (in which I work) gives for the arrival of Father Christmas. It is a spectacular show, with bands, clowns, jogglers, balloons, confetti, food, drink, you name it. Hundreds of people gather around the store and the atmosphere is unique, and every year it gets even better.

So this morning I woke up at 5:30 to be at the store at 7.15 (am that is). I volunteer every year, sometimes giving out balloons or drinks and once I was dressed as Sonic The Hedgehoc. It was so hot inside the costume I thought I was going to die.
Anyway, todayI brought my camera with me, put new batteries from the rechargeable ones, brought another pair freshly recharged and I was contempt... Silly me! I tried to take a picture and this message appeared:
Change battery pack
Bloody hell, I thought, I was recharging overnight, what happened? I went back inside, found my bag got the other batteries and went back out to change the battery pack... I turned on my camera and this message appeared:
Change battery pack

I was surrounded by little children, otherwise I would have shouted something really rude for my digital camera, the batteries, the pack and the stupid digital age...
So no photos...Boo hoo.

Still, it was great fun, I was giving out balloons, I had so many and with the wind blowing I thought I was going to have a lift-off!!!
The parade was spectacular as always, with Father Christmas arriving on a chariot drawn by two beautiful black horses. The children went bananas as he walked around and gave hugs and candy.
And when the doors opened for the public, everybody started climbing up stairs and escalators, to be the first into Santa's Grotto. Sometimes the queue can be 5 hours long, and people just stand there and wait! Oh, well, anything for the kids...

So there you have it, Christmas has arrived in London, a bit early, but in a great way.
As for me, after I throw my camera, batteries and recharger out the window, I'm just going to collapse! It's been two very long weeks with no rest and I'll just chill out, watch the loop of In The Attic (hopefully it will come up some time during the weekend) and get ready for another Monday...
Oh, and post another album thingy, because as I see Nana Mouskouri, hmmm not a good reception...

See ya


Mark T said...

There must be a problem with your camera Marietta. Anyway, it sounds as though you had a fun but exhausting day. Weekends go so quick. I think that we should campaign for a five day long weekend and a two day working week.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mark (I guess your shop logo is green and gold, do I win a prize?)

BallerinaGurl said...

Oh baby I LOVE when you speak Greek! lol