Thursday, September 20, 2007


Oui, c'est moi.
Had a so so summer at Greece, what with the fires all around me and with friends being affected, it was rather sad.
But, the good news is, I fell in love!
Now, before clicking on "post comment" right away, I have to tell you that SHE is a little...bitch. AGAIN, don't go comment just yet... I haven't converted to lesbianism, after failed attempts to find a suitable male companion.
My love is a puppy, called Laura.
And here she is

My sister, who already had two dogs, found her outside our doorstep, and she kept her. We called her Laura, after a friend, or Patatoula, which means little Potato... I was playing with her all summer. Oh, if only I could take her with me here, but due to long hours at work and living in a flat, that's not possible. I have to tell you though that all three of us, my mom, sis and I, were fighting over who's going to keep her, at the beginning. My sister won, as she has a large garden, I lost due to the above facts and my mom due to her two cats (see last year's post about Aris & Zikos). So she is there now and I can hear her every time I call my sister. I miss her...

Other than that, I came straight to work and work long hours again. I twisted my ankle and it hurts badly, I am addicted to, a website that shows greek movies and series and life is as normal as ever.
I have a holiday in November and I am going to Prague with a friend for three days. I am very excited!!! Will try and take the lapotop with me to write blogs and post photos.

Cheryl Ann has tagged me to say 8 random things about myself. I started writing them, but my life has not been very exciting, so instead (sorry Cheryl Ann) I will write about 8 things I would put in

ROOM 101
and this will tell you a lot about myself...

1) people who only read the sports section of the newspapers.
I find it dull and braineless. Plus useless-they've already seen the games on TV. For me sports are a lot of hard work plus a bit of luck, and it's very visual so no use of either describing or commenting about them. Turn the paper over to the front you bozzo!

2) earthquakes.
The earth has moved for me, several times, literary speaking and it's no fun at all. It is shitty scary and one of the main reasons I left my country and my family.

3) hip-hop and rap.
These cannot be called R&B, these cannot be called music. It's just sampling over men with heavy golden chains who say "Yo" a lot, and women who wail "Heeeee".

4) celebrities out of reality TV
I just pity them and find that they are being exploited. But they deserve it, so less pity and more repulsion. Big Brother is watching you and he is laughing.

5) drunks, beggars and weirdos who disturb my journey home.
There is a certain girl that comes into my train every day, with the same monotonous moaning and limping asking for money, and when she reaches Brixton, she jumps out of the train with a cunning smile. No other comment.

6) people who are cruel to animals.
If I could I would give up everything to help all animals that are being treated savagely for any purpose...

7) religious fanatics.
Any religion, any fanatic. Anyone who preaches passionately or does other more terrible things to force others to join their faith. We don't want to, and whatever you might do or say we don't get the message!

8) those bastards who set fire on my country's forests every year.
If you like fire so much, you can be with it forever at the eternal flames of hell.

If all of the above went to Room 101, my world would be a much better, if not, perfect place.

Tagging is free, so whoever wants to write their Room 101 picks can do so and let me know...