Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can I be Mom?

This is a picture of my mom, back in 1973. She is younger than I am now, in this picture. Isn't she gorgeous? Well, she still is! She's tall, blonde and has green eyes. None of the above have been given to me...LOL.

If I'm not mistaken this was taken in Washington D.C., in front of Capitol?
I was with her that time, a little girl, first time in USA. We went to New York where her sister lives and then to D.C. where we have a lot of relatives. I have about four or five cousins, whom I haven't had news since then! I should get in touch, really, hahaha!

It was mommy's birthday yesterday. Unfortunately I was working, but she came to work and we had lunch and after work we came home and watched Live8! She loved The Who and Pete. She always does. That's why she's my mom and I love her so!!!

On the way home we had the biggest laugh of our lives. I can't explain why, it's very Greek and an inside joke, but everytime we remember it we still are in stitches! With my mom I always laugh the most.
That's why she's my mom and I love her so!!!

I finally managed to visit lots of blogs this morning! The rest I'll do tonight, we're going out now!
I'm happy the time has-a-changed to summer time! Yeah! It'll get dark at 8 now and after May at 10pm! I love it!

I haven't abandoned my album reviews, I'm just thinking of dedicating a whole new blog for them, which will be updated very regularly... I just want to find a cool template backround for it.
Also, I'm thinking of chucking away the Quiiiiit blog, I haven't got anything to write anymore. It's going so well, I forgot about it!

Have a fun Sunday, everyone.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And the winner is...

During the Attic show I managed to submit my answer very quickly for this week's competition.
After seeing that mine was the first correct answer I was waiting patiently, while enjoying Mikey singing "A Better Me" - fingers drumming on the table all the time...
After the song, a voice, recognizeable as Pete's voice said
"Looks like Marietta's got it right!" - I NEARLY HAD A HEARTATTACK!
I screamed so loudly my mother came into the room wondering what the heck happened.
Rachel said
"Marietta you totally won!"
I had to watch the loop to believe it! I still can't!
I have never won a competition before in my life and here I am winning the most important and coolest one for me!
I was planning to fly to the States in the autumn for the Who shows, anyway.
Now, looks like I have to!
And it feels bloody great!!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

La mamma!

My beautiful mommy is here!!!
She is going to stay with me for the next two months. We always have great fun and get along wonderfully. She makes me laugh like no one.
Will post pictures of our adventures in London...

Tomorrow I have been asked to co-host the chat at BallerinaGurl's chatroom.
Please go to Rachel's blog for specific time of In The Attic Show. I will be in the chatroom half an hour earlier.
Time zone converter

See you all there!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Just Breathe!

I have to thank Rachel and Pete once again, they will get bored of hearing me saying that. Or more precisely reading it..
For me nothing cheers me up more than music. And through the rough time I had the last couple of months, Rachel's voice was soothing and so helpful. Listening to Just Breathe, Sunrise, In The Mix and Spin, among others, made me feel so much better. Also Quadrophenia, Who's Next and Simon's songs are constantly shuffling on my mp3 player... All great, all transporting me to dreamland and oblivion...

Heart matters can be very painful, but...educational as well! We learn about ourselves, we find an inner strength that didn't know it existed. We find escapes from the cruel reality and ways to deal with our disappointment. We make decisions not to make the same mistakes - but most of the time we make them again... Still, through the sadness we find peace, and for me this peace came through music.
And work. While I was mourning my lost romantic story, I worked even more and with more zeal than ever before. And that paid off with a commendation from a customer, which made me glow with pride!
I'm not going to talk about my heartbreak for now, maybe in the future I will write a book about it. Accompanied with a box of Kleenex.
By the way, I am surprised and pleased with myself that I haven't smoked for four months, even through these difficult times. Hurrah!!! I hope that answers your question, Dale... :o)

Moving on, moving on!
We have Who concerts coming up, the Convention (still haven't got a ticket, and it's sold out, but I'll go on the day and beg for a ticket!!!!) the fabulous Attic shows and the chats that cheer me up so much.
My mommy is coming on Tuesday, staying for two months, and then I go to Greece in May for my 40th birthday!!!! God! I'll spend 5 days partying!

So yes, life IS good, thanks to beautiful things, like a song, a word, a place, a movie, a comedy, a show, a blog!
I'll be more regular in here, I promise, things can only get better! Thank you so much for your understanding!
Happy St Patrick's day, for all those who celebrate!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The last smile...

Once again you smiled at me
And my heart melted with love
Once again I touched your hand
And I had back the time that was old

Once again - don't ask me why
My hopes and dreams were back
Once again, I'm going to cry
Reality hit and killed my luck

Once again I'll be the one to cry
To lose, to share, to philosophise
Once again you will not know
I had to compromise

And that smile, that shiny smile
The one that made the night come late
I'm now going to hate
Because your smile , your shiny smile
That had been mine for just a while
Saw for the last time
And now I have to forget.

Hi, this was written last week...
I'm feeling better now :o)

See you at the chat tonight and I'll visit your blogs tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It's the 1st of March!
I am happy for many reasons:
a) It might still be freezing cold, but Spring has started, at least in the calendar, hence the blooming almond tree (stolen photo from the web hehe)
b) In The Attic Season 2 starts tonight!!!! I am so happy that everytime I think about it my heart beats fast! I can't wait for 7 o'clock. All telephones will be switched off! And I will be at BallerinaGurl's chat room, I'll be happy to chat with all of you.
c) I have a few days off, which I'm going to enjoy with eating and shopping! Plus, preparing the house for my mom who comes to stay for two months very very soon...
d) It's Roger Daltrey's birthday today! Happy Birthday Roger! Love you to bits! (yeah, like he is ever going to read this, LOL)

I know I haven't been around here since forever, but it's been two hectic weeks. My work schedule has changed and even if I finish work at 5:30, I am not home before 8pm. The other days I finish work at 7:30 and I'm home at 9:30pm - I live further out of London and it takes me 1:30-2 hours to get home... So when I get home all I want to do is eat and sleep.

Also, I had to say goodbye to my flatmate, Angela, this week. She stayed here for nearly a year (50 weeks to be precise) and I'm going to miss her. So during the weekend I had to help her move out and concentrate on the preparations for my mom's arrival e.g.: painting the room, fixing my "hilly floor" and organizing everything.

I still haven't bought any tickets for The Who. I was thinking of going to Leeds, since I know the town from when I was a student there, it should be lovely to go again, plus seeing my boys in the gorgeous Harewood House (pictured right) would be fantastic. There is a but though, I am not sure I can take three days off from work. I'll have to organize it...
I am hoping I can make it, but for me, ideally, it would be great to see them couple of times in London... Also, I am hoping to make it to a New York concert and/or L.A. I am hoping their gigs coincide with my autumn break. Oh, a girl can dream...

I will visit all my blogger friends' blogs little by little. I haven't commented in Rachel's blog either... oooooh, shame! I feel terrible, but now that I have a few days off I'll make up for it :o)

See you all at 7pm, at BG's chatroom and In The Attic!!!