Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And the winner is...

During the Attic show I managed to submit my answer very quickly for this week's competition.
After seeing that mine was the first correct answer I was waiting patiently, while enjoying Mikey singing "A Better Me" - fingers drumming on the table all the time...
After the song, a voice, recognizeable as Pete's voice said
"Looks like Marietta's got it right!" - I NEARLY HAD A HEARTATTACK!
I screamed so loudly my mother came into the room wondering what the heck happened.
Rachel said
"Marietta you totally won!"
I had to watch the loop to believe it! I still can't!
I have never won a competition before in my life and here I am winning the most important and coolest one for me!
I was planning to fly to the States in the autumn for the Who shows, anyway.
Now, looks like I have to!
And it feels bloody great!!!!


Dale said...

Oh, Marietta!!!!


Where is the Atticfest going to be held?
Any info on dates, etc?

Did you see that I was able to sneek a couple of lines in the chat at the end?
I was at work & had to be really quick!

I hope it all went well...
Well, of course it did!

I am so happy for you.
Regards to your Mum.


Princess Lo said...

Congrats that is so exciting. I dont ever win either

PTfan said...

Oh Marietta that is the coolest thing ever!!!! It was great to be at the chat and experience it with you! The first thing you win in your life and Pete tells you. How about that!???

blue said...

Hi Marietta!!

Congratulations!WOW WOW WOW !!
This morning I got up late .
I could see ITA only fifteen minites.So I missed THE MOMENT..
But I could foound your comment on Rachel's later.

OH! Take care of your heart..

oxox Tomoko

P.S. Thanks for your mail.It helped me. Now I've been searching B&B in LONDON.

Elaine said...

If I heard Pete say my name on the show I think I would scream too.
That's fantastic that you won. Congratulations!

Brina said...

Marietta, this is great! I tried so hard to watch the live broadcast yesterday, but my connection was bad and it kept freezing. You won? WOWEE@!

I'm so happy for you.

Love, Brina

JoeBoy said...

Sorry I missed that. I was out of town doing my Producer Role. Congrats

pieter said...

Congrats !!

Friday 31/3/06 Goldhawk pub
at Goldhawk Road.
Hope to see ya there !!


Paul said...

Congratulations Marietta!
So we have to smuggle you into the Convention, let's discuss the strategy with Pieter & me on Friday in the Goldhawk Pub.


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

No apologies necessary!
We do have that 7 hours of difference between us, too!
You were most likely sound asleep when I commented last evening.
I am so thrilled for you!
You are also most deserving...

Jenny will be nine years old in June. She is so funny & such a typical redhead!

I do hope to make the chat a wee bit longer next time. I usually don't work that late on Wednesdays.

Take care, sweetie!


Grace said...

congrats Marietta!~! I do not seem to win anything either, especially something like this!! wow! How exciting! I was not able to watch ITA on Wednesday. As usual. I seem so out of the loop of everything. Good for you. Very cool.. So, my question is, since I have missed this weeks show, there is an atticfest? What did Rachel say about this? Would love to hear from you. woohoo, coming from the UK to the US for tour. awesome. Grace

jillytee said...

well done babes! you so deserve good things! I missed the excitement on ITA it must have been after I left. Mark says what is Atticfest?

Mark T said...

Great news Marietta!! Your Mum must have brought you some luck over. You deserve it after the past few weeks. Nice one. Mark

greekzoe said...

Congratulations Marietta!!!

I had just come back from a bathroom break(I couldn't hold it any longer) when I heard Pete mention you won. I missed the whole competition!! But I sure am glad that you won. You go girl!!!

I am very happy for you. Now you have to come to the US!!

Hope your weekend is good!


Cheryl Ann said...

Congratulations! Have you recovered yet? I think I'd be overjoyd for weeks!!! All the best to you.
Much love-
Cheryl Ann

Marietta said...

Grace hello.

I tried to go to your blog but, haven't got one?!?

When the Who tour was announced last Christmas, Rachel said that she will do Attic shows before each gig... Keep watching the Attic with fingers poised for the next competition!

...and Good Luck!

Meg said...

How is the search for a Convention Ticket? I will be in London on Thursday, hope you make it to the Goldhawk.

Lin said...

I am so happy for you, Marietta!!

PTfan said...

Hey Winner. What kind of fun are you and your mom getting into these days!

Anne-Marie said...

How exciting for you to win this! what a fantastic prize! Your mum has brought you good luck!


Tausha71979 said...

Hi Marietta!

I know it was so FAB, I was excited I can't imagine how excited you were!!! Hopefully now that I know you are coming, I can find out where and meet up with you!!! CONGRATS!


Suesjoy said...

Hi Marietta-
Congrats! I think I won too last week...I hope I really did!
You should try to come to L.A. - or were you going to go to NYC?
Didn't manage to watch live last week - it takes two days to recover from so little sleep!
Maybe I'll try this week though!
Hope you are well!
You don't visit me anymore!!
Take care,

lryicsgrl said...

congratulations to you Marietta. You've got some good WHO karma. I'm afraid I'll never win, I can't get the "first run" feeds, at all. They stop and start so many times, i think I'll lose my mind.
Now, if Rachel starts a new "loop" addition, maybe i'll have a

Good for you, M. Enjoy!

BTW, just stopped in to see the pics from the convention and started noseying about. You've got a really good blog here! ;)