Monday, October 30, 2006

You Beta You Bet!

Urgh! I was fed up with the bloody "Publishing now" thingy so I switched to Beta.
So now I can enjoy my beautiful Ballerinagurl's new blog...

So sorry if that is inconvenient for some of you, I think you might need to switch to Beta too, in order to comment here.
Try it, it's cool! Faster.

All's quiet on this front. Quiet and boring, absolutely no news from work. I looked around for other jobs and I discovered that the positions I want (management) need management experience, and the ones I can apply for pay peanuts. Yikes!

I wish someone could offer me the following job:

"Listening to The Who and Rachel all day, writing on your blog and visiting other blogs, and going to all Who/Attic gigs around the world and writing all about it. Two-month holiday, all paid. Shitloads of money to spend on CDs, DVDs and huge salary and bonus. Previous experience on all of the above essential! Immediate start."

Now THAT is a job I can apply and get hired instantly. And then I'll wake up, LOLOLOL.

Your comments on my previous blog were overwhelming, thank you soooo much. The funny thing is that for at least 10 days, Blogger was showing I had only 2 comments, one of which was from me! Yikes! So I thought "nobody loves me, boooohooo". But then one day I clicked on the number and magic unfolded when I saw I had at least 10 comments... I swear to God, I welled up by reading them.

So, this is a present for YOU my lovely friends. The lovely Mr Hugh Laurie, aka Gregory House and the best intro of a song EVER:

House, Series 1, Episode 14 "Control"

I am little by little starting to visit your blogs. Give me a little more time, I try to squeeze everything on my days off.

Love to all,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beyond The Beyond...

I haven't blogged for nearly a month.
I haven't been to your blogs at all, I am so ashamed.
I once in a while visit Rachel's blog, but only when I'm free and IN THE MOOD.
What is wrong with me?

Here's the truth: I feel a bit depressed.
I didn't get the job I wanted and those people who are responsible for recruiting the department have treated me horribly. I gave the interview on the 22th of Sept. three weeks ago. Last Sunday (bloody Sunday) one of the managers of the dept. told me I wasn't successful, the reason... I didn't go 'into depth'... I am still waiting, after three weeks, for feedback from the lady who interviewed me and she avoids me. Don't know why. I phoned, emailed, threatened her and still nothing. Fed up!

Along with all that I got a bad report from one of our guest shoppers. I was abrupt and unhelpful. But (are you ready for this?) the damn thing IS NOT for me. I am NEVER abrupt, I'm always smiling, helpful and go the very extra mile for my customers. I absolutely know for whom this report came, but unfortunately, and for reasons I will never know, the description that is on the report is for me... Very strange and mysterious things, very TWILLIGHT ZONE. Beyond the f****ing beyond!

On top of everything, my finances are going from bad to worse. Still waiting for the bleeeding evaluation of my flat, so I can remortgage it. I have to wait the end of the month to get paid so I can do some groceries (HMV, iTunes, Anne Summers...joke joke joke....!)OK not that bad, but nearly there. Double dose of shit with shit relish on top...

And, above all: I MISS HIM! My Sun....
It was exactly Sept-Oct two years ago when everything was rosy and I was feeling like the Queen of the World and every day that passes reminds me of a certain event of that time. It's been over six months since I last saw him and I just want to slash my wrists...

So I pass my evenings and free time either by vegging on past series of Charmed (falling dangerously in love with Julian McMahon who plays Cole/Belthazor - and, yes he plays in Nip/Tuck as well) or going into deep sleep (with nightmares and strange dreams) or reading through tomes and tomes of Poirot cases... And I stopped my diet again and I eat f***ing junk food - again!
I am not in the mood to go online, I am not in the mood of seeing or speaking to other people, so please forgive me for being so unsociable.

I'm sure things will get better. I have to sort out my work matters, by the end of the month I'll know more about my dept.'s future and I'll take appropriate action. I will push and chase my Financial Advisor to finish the procedures for the remortgaging, so I will be swimming in money quite sooon...(ok, let's not get carried away now...) I need to see a WHO show to pick me up, so 2007 here I come!

I am thinking of a lot of you, so I just want to send those quick messages:

Molly - my Ballerina Beauty, love ya like nuts babes and hope I see you real soon.
Anne Marie - you are in my heart and can't wait to meet you again
Dale - always in my thoughts, SKI SLOPES opening soon I think????
Tausha - everytime I hear Pleasure Seeker I see your face, lots of kissy kisses
Mark and Jill - call me soon, (old mobile number) maybe I need a blinner to cheer up!
Brina - Darling DO come to Spetses next year and I'll make arrangements to be there too, to celebrate Armata and your birthday!
Sue - where in the world are you? Taiwan, USA or somewhere else, LOL I've lost track....
Kid Ric - day seven is my next read, after Appointment with Death that is...
Joe Boy - my Keith alter ego! kisses to you babes
Greek Zoe - EXOUME DYO GATIA! my mom reminds me of you, hahahaha. How's Max?
My PT FAN - to how many WHO shows you've been?
Meg - no day passes without thinking of you my darling. Always strong, always fab!
Tomoko - Japan is the plan! Get ready!!! and kisses to Kaye
Ali - my blonde super-goddess! how's the book writing? And your supa Tallulah?
Gary - the amazing songwriter of Blogland: keep on keeping on!
Delbut - my unrequitted love!!! missing how you make me laugh on the chats...
Hola Elena - miss our chats too, and don't be jealous by the above message, LOLOLOL
Last but not least: Koos - Tot ziens and hope you come to the UK v.soon! Lots of kisses to Val...

And to lots of other people who visit and comment... Thank you so much and


Now, THAT cheered me up!