Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh, my God has it been so long?

Well helloooooo!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since the 16th of April. That is the longest I've been without blogging. Tut, tut, tut.
But I'll tell you what's going on.

My family came here on the 31st of March and we spent a fabulous week going around London and eating in fantastic restaurants. Yum! The weather was unbelievably springy and hot and my sister and nephew had a great time.

After my sister and nephew left, my mother stayed here with me, as she does every year, and I went back to work. We always have great time together, we laugh a lot, eat a lot and of course, shout at each other a lot, LOLOLOL. Love her.
This year I made the mistake to mention a website that shows all the current Greek TV series and that was it! She only wants to watch this, she doesn't even let me take my emails, hahaha.
What torture... While she's watching this, I put my headphones on the TV and watch my shows and DVD's. So no internet, no blog, no emails, hahahaha. Even now as I write this she's over me saying "Let's do this, let's do that, can I watch that?" Oh, come on!

But I can't say no, since I love her dearly and a little accident happened to her about three weeks ago: she was walking down the street holding a bag with clothes she wanted to exchange in a shop and a motorcycle went by, grabbed the bag with the clothes (thank god she was wearing her actual bag across the chest like I've shown her...) and threw my mummy on the pavement.
I was at work and when she came to see me, she said it was nothing serious.
Five days later the pain at her wrist continued and I made an appointment with the doctor (me and my bloody work, I couldn't take her to the doctor earlier....) and then for an X-ray.

After the X-ray was taken the doctor came out and said:
-OK, she will be admitted tonight and the operation will be tomorrow
-Wait, what?
-She will be a d m i t t e d today and the o p e r a t i o n...
-What operation? No, no, no, not my mummy!

Ok, it wasn't like that, but it felt like that. She had broken her wrist, thankfully not severely, and she had to go through surgery. I called work and said:
- I won't be coming for the next two days, byyyeee!
Of course they understood, my bosses are fantastic!

Thank God everything with my mum's operation, went absolutely fine and now her hand is in a cast, which will be removed in a month's time. That means, she's staying for another month with me!!! Hurrah!

Oh, God! One more month of crap Greek TV, LOL.
I really don't care, as long as she's fine, you know.

So anyways, that is why I haven't blogged for so long and it won't be absolutely fully until me mom goes back to Greece at the end of June, sorry my friends...
I hope everything's well with you.

And see you a bit later