Monday, January 29, 2007

At last! New (good) Blood!

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Ok, no more gloom and doom.
I cave to Rachel's choices of guests and her new ITA CD on iTunes, which should be fantastic.
There is some good music around and finally, after many years of musical seclusion and refusals, I listen to contemporary music again and to the radio-although mainly Virgin Radio.
Even though I know that rap, hip-hop and the kind of crap so blaspemously call R&B is still around I chose to listen to the new "Indie", "New Wave", "Alternative", "Pop-Rock" combination bands that are storming the airwaves. And I love them.
Some of them were guests in the Attic, like the amazing Razorlight and the incredible Zutons.

They are young people who are inspired by the great music created in the 60's and 70's, gave way to electronica in the 80's, revived in the 90's with Oasis, Blur, Radiohead, the RHCPeppers, and the likes and finally evolved into something really unique into the 00's. There is so much talent around, it makes me very optimistic for the future of music, because before I thought it died in 1989.

The songs currently re-played again and again on my ipod are the following:
(please note: I only download from iTunes or my CD's
and not from free music-sharing sites.
If you call yourself a fan, then support your band to the full and pay for their music.)

  • The Zutons: Valerie - there is something on the singer's voice that drives me nuts! This tune will take you to the Moon!!!
  • Razorlight: America - soft and ear-pleasing, melodic and smooth, pure genius
  • The Ordinary Boys: I Luv You - a bit silly, a bit happy-clappy, but it feels good and the music is excellent. And Preston is sooo cute!
  • Editors: All Sparks - it was performed in the Attic and it stole my heart. The singer's voice is incredible.
And soon to be added, because it's not available yet: Kaiser Chief's Ruby - which for me tops them all, it is such a powerful song.
Also, just out and just straight to Number 1 from downloads only, MIKA's Grace Kelly.
The guy's a genius and has the hippest website.

Other bands like Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Keane, Snow Patrol, the Raconteurs, the Magic Numbers and many many more budding rockers, equally contribute to keeping the music standards high and are always welcome to my ears.

The 3-minute song is back and it sounds good!

Of course, let's not forget the band that in 2006 had a new come-back album and a sell-out Tour and still kick ass and sort of started it all: Take That!

You still alive? LOL. No, of course I meant our boys, the 'Orrible 'Oo, and I don't have enough words to describe the feelings when I listen to their songs. Any of their songs.

In a day and age where reality shows "manufacture" bands and musical styles, when all the good songs are "covered" or "sampled" sacrilegiously, it's very good to see, or rather hear, some original talent, which derives from the original talents of the golden age of music.

Rock On!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Losing the magic?

Hello all, it's been a long time.
I am still working like a maniac. I am doing three lates per week now, and rumours are that we will soon be staying open until 9pm, which means I won't have time to do anything, let alone blog.
It's nearly 2am now, but after sorting out some finances (there is no other time!) I decided to visit Rachel's blog to see how things are going on the other side of my La-la-land.

As I was reading Rachel's latest post about the new Attic Jam in Joe's pub in NY and I felt a pang (pung?) in my stomach for not being able to be there again, I couldn't stop thinking about how it was about 14-15 months ago...

  • we had Attic shows every Wednesday - best time of the week!
  • we had the chats during the shows - amazingly funny and sweet
  • we felt close to our Pete, our Rachel, our Mikey, our Simon - but they were still our "idols", a bit unreachable, a bit of a dream...
  • we were anticipating a live show, just to be there and hear them play
  • in the Bedford Gig it was a pinch-me moment when I got a photo with Simon
  • as for the first Attic Jam ever (Basement Jam) it was beyond words to describe, as I shook Pete's hand and them Mark, Jill and I were guests in the Attic! Absolute magic and very special
The Leeds concert was incredible, being at the front row of such an historical event... Our blogger friend Tony (Haribomort) got a pic with Pete and it was absolutely magical.
Then the Attic was flooded by guests... the Eels, the Kooks, the Editors, and many others whom I can't remember. All very good artists, but It wasn't the same for me. I was tuning in to watch Rachel and the gang and not Martha Wainwright (which, I am very sorry to say, I don't like at all). Out of politeness to Rachel and her generous soul I didn't say anything back then, but as time goes by and I see that the shows are more about the guests and not our beloved artists...I don't know, I feel it's losing its magic. But I would never discourage Rachel, if that is what she likes to do, I will listen to 20 Wainwright songs, just to hear one of Rachel's...

Now, about the meet and greet: I'd kill, steal and lie to be in one of them. I would punch people in the face (careful!) to have a photo with Pete, like a lot of you did. But then I would go away and the next person would come to have another photo with him, and I think he would feel a bit like a Tussaud's wax statue????? I am sure that our Attic gang are more than happy to meet their fans. Rachel has been so close to us and I truly appreciate that. Pete has been amazing with all of us. But sometimes I feel like we are asking too much?????? We take it for granted????? We expect it??????
As I said: not magic! "Oh! I got a photo with Pete and Rachel" , "Oh, yeah! me too" "and me" and so on and so on. Someone who did meet him and had a chat with him, was even talking very blazé about it. It got me a bit angry...
I am talking about someone who also deleted one of my comments on her blog, called me "someone" and has not visited my blog ever since... Long story, another time.

Please, please, please don't get me wrong. I am happy for everyone who got to meet and greet and take a picture with our prized personalities. Well done and good for you! I am not writing all this out of jealousy as you might think. I don't want you to think that "hey Marietta, you met them, we haven't so what's YOUR problem?" I am just expressing a concern, that we might be losing the magic here. And I think I agree with Pete's and Rachel's decision not to have a meet and greet this time. Keep the distance a little bit, keep the magic...

I will probably not take part at the competition for the tickets when Rachel launches her album. She will be sooo busy, what with the press being there and the promotion, she won't even remember my name. But, it goes without saying, good luck to all of my blogger friends who will.

I am not losing my faith, I have not idolized them in the point of God-like idols, I don't blame anyone who will go and have a pic with them, I'm still one of you... I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here...

Once again, for all my blogger friends who have met them, FAB!
For those of you who haven't: GO FOR IT!

But for me, it has lost its intimacy.

One last thing: When I was in Hyde Park I didn't manage to go backstage, fair enough... In one of the following ITA's I heard Simon say "Boy, we had a looot of people backstage" and you know what? I was glad I wasn't one of them!


Love to all

Monday, January 01, 2007


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Well the fireworks by the London Eye were amazing last night... I wonder how many thousands of tons that was..
I am still working non-stop, hence my absence from blogland. I have a day off on Thursday and I will probably pop up to say hi.
In the meantime have a fabulous 2007 and may your dreams be my wishes...

Lots of love