Monday, February 26, 2007


Over 40 channels on cable and none of them broadcasts the OSCARS. Not tonight, not any other night.
Boo-bloody-hoo :(

I remember the good old days, when I would make a large pot of coffee, get the video ready and anticipate for
"Live, from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles is the OSCARS!!"

I have been recording the ceremonies since 1985, when my lovely Amadeus won Best Picture. I was hooked every time.
I don't care about the red carpet, pre-Oscar stuff. Loads of channels show that, including websites. What I love is the actual ceremony.

I love the beginning, the nominations, the clips, the life-achievement awards, the dances and most of all the minute that the presenter says:
"And the Oscar goes to...."

My sister in Greece is going to watch it, through satelite of course. I live in a block of flats and they wouldn't let us put a dish for SKY. But even if I had SKY, SKY 1 is going to show only the highlights, not the whole ceremony. Looks like I'm going to watch the highlights of the highlights on the news. And I'm sure the UK news will emphasize on British winners only...


Friday, February 09, 2007

Courting London

I am having the time of my life!
Only the fact that I can sleep as much as I want is enough. Top it up with some friends, blogging, the unexpected Attic Show and lots of music, then you have my ideal way of fun.
But, this past week has been truly amazing for one reason only: London.
A few months ago I downloaded from iTunes a podcast called London Walks by Robert Wright, with the idea of using them when my mum arrives in April, so we could have a guided tour.
The podcast got updated every week and was silently waiting for me to use it. A few days ago I was mixing and fixing something on my iTunes when accidentally a soft music and a soft voice transported me into inner Kensington... I decided that with my days off coming, I would take that walk.
I did on Tuesday and it was absolutely breathtaking. I didn't know (well, yes of course I did, but not as much) London has so many beautiful buildings. I fell in love all over again. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so no photos. But the walk, lasting about an hour and a half was amazing. Little cobbled pedestrianised streets, alleyways, squares with bricked mansions, historic pubs and of course very posh people walking around... The narration and guidance by Robert Wright was so interesting and enjoyable I didn't want the walk to end.

Today I was meeting some friends downtown, so I decided to take another walk, this time armed with my camera. The walk today was Legal London and The Da Vinci Code.
What can I say? It was like a dream. A London I had no idea existed. The architecture and the preciousness of the buildings is beyond description. I went through numerous Barristers' Inns, Chambers and Courts via archways and alleys, I visited Temple Church, but unfortunately it was closed-so only from the outside, I went through the vibrant area of London School of Economics, with students all around and dozens of beautiful pubs. For almost two hours I was oooing and wowing from the unbelieveable sights.
The area is just a treasure, so on your next visit to London don't just go to Buckingham Palace and Picadilly Circus. Go to Chancery Lane and take the tour, with the company of Robert's soothing voice. I highly recommend you subscribe to his podcast.

Here are some pictures so you'll get a small idea of the beauty.
Click on some of them to experience the real thing.

A beautiful stained glass window

The Old Curiosity Shop made famous by Charles Dickens

The Royal Courts of Justice. You can't imagine how huge and majestic is this building!

The flames are burning next to the Royal Courts of Justice...

How old can this building be? And how much the new building is ruining the view...

A plaque opposite Temple Church

Temple Church and two Knights on a horse

Temple Church

A gorgeous archway leading to one of the numerous breathtaking courts

Shadows we are and
Like shadows we depart

The ellaborate entrance to Lloyds bank

And the entrance to one of the Solicitors' courts.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Can you believe it?

I have two weeks off!!!

Yes, finally I can rest and relax. Sleep late, do lots in the house, maybe a day trip to Brighton or Oxford, or somewhere else nice, BLOG!, finalise the re-mortgage papers, sort out my closet, see friends, go to the movies, listen to the radio all day and not only in the early morning, eat nice home-cooked meals and not junk food, do a bit of yogalates, go for walks around London, or.... do absolutely nothing!
It's the first time after six months I can just chill and enjoy myself. Happy!!!

Only, don't talk to me about the concert of the boys at the Royal Albert Hall. It coincides with the day my family arrives to London from Greece, and they will be knackered, all three of them. And of course, even if they agreed to go, all tickets are sold out. It would be impossible to find four good seats. I am not going and not taking the family if we have seats in the upper circle. And I'm not paying a penny to the b***ards who hog all tickets and selling them three times more expensive on Ebay. No, no, no.
So, unless a miracle happens and Pete invites us himself with four front row (ok second row, I'm not picky) tickets, I'm not going. Shite!

I'm sure I'll see them somewhere around Europe, even in a different London venue some time this year, though. I can always live in hope!

For the moment, let me enjoy my long overdue bliss...

Kisses and hugs to all.