Saturday, February 03, 2007

Can you believe it?

I have two weeks off!!!

Yes, finally I can rest and relax. Sleep late, do lots in the house, maybe a day trip to Brighton or Oxford, or somewhere else nice, BLOG!, finalise the re-mortgage papers, sort out my closet, see friends, go to the movies, listen to the radio all day and not only in the early morning, eat nice home-cooked meals and not junk food, do a bit of yogalates, go for walks around London, or.... do absolutely nothing!
It's the first time after six months I can just chill and enjoy myself. Happy!!!

Only, don't talk to me about the concert of the boys at the Royal Albert Hall. It coincides with the day my family arrives to London from Greece, and they will be knackered, all three of them. And of course, even if they agreed to go, all tickets are sold out. It would be impossible to find four good seats. I am not going and not taking the family if we have seats in the upper circle. And I'm not paying a penny to the b***ards who hog all tickets and selling them three times more expensive on Ebay. No, no, no.
So, unless a miracle happens and Pete invites us himself with four front row (ok second row, I'm not picky) tickets, I'm not going. Shite!

I'm sure I'll see them somewhere around Europe, even in a different London venue some time this year, though. I can always live in hope!

For the moment, let me enjoy my long overdue bliss...

Kisses and hugs to all.


Cathy with a C said...

Enjoy your time off!!!


Grace said...

Hi Marrietta

Wow, enjoy your time off, you won't know what to do with yourself!! Yes, maybe do nothing and just relax and enjoy it.
I sure hope you get to see the boys some where.

take care, xx grace

Anne-Marie said...

Have a lovely, well-deserved break, my dear. Don't worry, the Who will grace the Euro stages in the summer- lots of chances to see them.

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Just enjoy!

And no one is more important than family...

All in good time.


Suesjoy said...

Hi Marietta!
Oh wow - a WELL DESERVED holiday!
Good for you.
Aw I am sorry about the 'oo- but I am sure you'll see them soon.

Enjoy your time off and have fun with your family!

Lots of love,

PTfan said...

Hooray for you! I want that too!