Friday, July 28, 2006

My little place of Heaven

The Greek island of Spetses is not only very important to the history of Greece, but also a gorgeous little island. Very few cars are allowed in the island, most of them are Taxis. You can walk or cycle around and enjoy a mile long promenade by the seaside.

People who come to Spetses once, they want to come again and again. There is a myth, that there is a flower in the island, called Throubi, that when you go there you smell it, and it makes you want to come again...

Celebrities have come to the island and got inspired by its beauty (the book The Magus by John Fowles is set in Spetses). Brigitte Bardot came in the '60s and fell in love with one of our Spetsiot friends! And of course our Mikey is a regular visitor with his family...
The ultimate celeb-spotting for me was in 1983, when I danced with Rudolph Nureyev in one of the island's discos!(not ballet of course, but it was like ballet with him, lol) How fab was that?

The beaches are just incredible. Crystal blue water, sand, clean and gorgeous. I can spend the whole day by the sea and then go to a nearby café and relax. My favourite moment of the day, if not the whole year!

The architecture of the island is breathtaking. The island structure is protected by law and all the houses have to look the same. If you exclude a couple of ugly hotels built in the ,70s, everything else is very traditional. I have the pleasure of staying in two houses: my mother's mainly, which has a fantastic view of the Old Harbour, and my sister's, which is built in a new complex, that has won awards for its traditional architecture, a very beautiful house indeed. We have been going there since 1970 and although we have travelled around Greece, our hearts are always in Spetses.

The nightlife of the island is very lively. Hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants. My favourite one is Balkoni, which is right at the front of the sea, plays jazz and serves the best Margheritas.

Every September the 8th, the island celebrates the burning of the Turkish Armata. During the Greek Revolution in 1821, a small boat, armed only with a torch and two very brave men, went very close to the Turkish fleet and set fire into its flagship. The rest of the ships just scattered away out of fear and the island was freed from its conquerors.
This brave incident is celebrated with music, free wine and food, dance and a re-enactment of the burning of the ship. The fake Armata is loaded with pyrotechnics and the night ends with millions of the best fireworks! It is the most joyous feeling.

My dream and plan is when I retire to live in London during the winter and in Spetses during the summer.
But at the moment, I can just enjoy my three weeks and I'll see you at the end of August! I will miss you all very much, I'm sure I'll find some time to say hi from an internet café.

Have a lovely rest of the summer!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006



of blogland for a week or so. I haven't visited any blogs, except for Rachel's , which is like a religious thing for me... I apologise for that, I'm terrible!!! It's been nice chatting with some of you on BG's chatroom though :o)

There is so much going on right now. I work the fullest of the times, until 8pm and home by 10 as usual. If I have a day off, I'll be doing things at home, laundry, ironing (quel plaisir...) tidying up my very untidy finances, organising my music on my mp3 (ok, that's not too bad) and getting ready because...


for three weeks to Greece. It is my summer vacation, long-awaited and well-deserved after a very hard winter. I will spend a couple of days in Athens and then off to Spetses, which is the most beautiful place on this earth. I have been going since I was a baby, every single summer and I can't get enough of it.
I spend each winter dreaming of this place and finally the time has come.
My mum's house doesn't have a telephone line (how primitive are we?) so I will probably blog either from my sister's house or from an internet café (not so primitive after all). I can't promise regular stops, maybe once a week? So the photos might have to wait...
I promise I will take loads.

I will pop in to your blogs for a summer goodbye and a kiss, and I will post again on Friday.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Good News: We Got A Hit!

The date: 17th of July, St Marina's Day - a very special day for me, today, even more special.
I'm at home, doing f--- all, this and that, banking, bored, coffee, phone calls, yawn, whatever.
Then it dawns on me: one week before the release of Wire And Glass.... Maybe it's on iTunes.
Yeah, baby! There it is!!!! No second thought, click on 'Buy Album' and in less than a minute (don't you just love broadband?) it is in my Music Library.
Connect the computer to the speakers and let the magic begin...

Sound Round: A thundering drumroll, bringing into mind my Keith, promises an exciting journey into The Who's sound. Rogers voice is fierce and unrepetant (hehe)
Pick Up The Peace: it is so Live At Leeds (2) for me, that was the first time I heard it and loved it. I can just see them in front of me and I'm singing along. It reminds me a bit of Bargain and I'm loving it.
Endless Wire: it has a sweet sound, Pete's voice is intimate (or is it because of The Attic?) it just carries you away
We Got A Hit: this is a fantastic Rock'n'Roll happy theme. Makes me jump around and shout. A song as a joke or a joke as a song?
They Made My Dream Come True: Pete singing my motto? LOL. But they certainly have and this song, although it's very short, is the seal to a unique work of music.
Mirror Door: a screaming crowd, probably from one of the Who's concerts, introduce one of my favourite Who songs. Seeing it live was amazing and this version kicks arse! Roger is fab, his voice as strong as ever and the music is powerful and very catchy. All in all: I'M LOVING EVERY NOTE!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Meet the Bloggers!

Clockwise from bottom left: Anne-Marie, Mark, Jill, James, Jonathan and me.

Well, that was pure joy! The Blinner was so much fun. Meeting with all these people at last was really special for me.
The previous day I met with Anne-Marie to watch the World Cup final in a pub in Knightsbridge.
She is hilarious! A fantastic personality, with so many stories to tell that will have you either hanging from her words, or in absolute stitches! I had a feeling she was going to be like this and meeting her was incredible!

So, yesterday after work I made my way to As Greek As It Gets in Earls Court. Our table was waiting and after having a glass of water, whoop! there's Anne-Marie coming, bang on time! A little while later Mark and Jill, who is always a delight to meet, arrived then Jonathan and finally James. They are all such great people! Oh, how can one eat with such handsome men around? LOL! Well, that was about to be found out because the appetizers I've ordered for the group started flowing in. Hunger took over my embarassment and we all dived in! A huge Greek salad, fries with melted feta cheese, all kinds of dips, pitta bread, and booze!
The conversations were all about you-know-WHO and excitement about forthcoming and past shows. Everyone had a little story to tell, plus, I discovered that everyone on that table had a musical talent. Including Steve, who unfortunately couldn't make it, because he was rehearsing with his band. Steve I hope you make it to the next one!
Before even we finished the appetizers, we ordered the main dishes. The catalogue was full of delish things, we were spoiled for choice and e
veryone was asking my advice on what to order. I wanted only the best for my blogger friends so I made a couple of suggestions, and the souvlaki wraps started coming. The conversation continued between "mmm"'s and "ooooh"'s about the food. I think they liked it, hehe.

After having coffee ( I had two cups of the strong greek coffee!!) sadly it was time to go. We agreed we should do that again. As I said goodbye to Anne-Marie I felt a sadness, I hope I meet her again.

Thanks for coming, everyone, and lets keep in touch!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Post-Who blues and BLINNER on Monday

Can't stop singing Mike Post Theme... Can't stop listening to the boys. Can't stop remembering how lovely it was in Leeds and in Hyde Park. The HP concert is my last one at the moment. I can't go to any other dates in July, due to work.
So I feel blue. I don't know if I can make it to US in the autumn, my credit cards are about to explode!!!

But here's something that will really cheer me up: On Monday the 10th of July we are having a BLINNER at the Greek Restaurant As Greek As It Gets. The food is delicious, my pick is always the "spicy souvlaki": Greasy greek-style pitta with pork skewers, onion, parsley, tzatziki and a hint of red pepper. YUM!
Anne-Marie is coming from Canada, James Casey is coming along, Steve H, Mark and Jill, Jonathan Beck and me of course.
And Bex, Rachel's sister might be joining us too! An invitation has been sent to our beloved Rachel, Pete, Mikey and Rene and Simon, hopefully if they are still in the UK can join us. Who knows???

If you would like to join, please let me know a.s.a.p. I am booking the table on Friday and would like to know for how many.
Please try and come, the more the merrier!!!!!!

Here are the details

When: Monday the 10th @ 7:30pm

Address: 233 Earl’s Court Road, Kensington,
London SW5 9AH
Telephone 0207 244 7777
Tube: Earls Court - take the Earls Court road exit, turn right five minutes walk accross the street.
To join: Comment here or email me until tomorrow (Thu 6th July) night

Hope I see many of you! It will be a blast!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday, in the Park with my friends...

My feet are hurting from the blisters, my hands feel like I’ve been lifting weights all day, my eyes are merely open, but I feel very happy. It was a great day all along, it was like going to the park with friends, but with great music too.

Chapter One: The meeting with Tomoko and the Hyde Park

My day started at 12 noon when I went to Bayswater to meet Tomoko and her friend Kay at their hotel. What a delight it was to finally meet her, she is sweeter than I imagined and very pretty too, like a little girl, wearing Who gear all over! We went to Marble Arch to get a cold drink and we chatted and laughed like old friends.

It was time to go to Hyde Park. The heat was something unbelievable, even for my Greek standards. We took a bus, which was useless after all because it left us way too far from the Hyde Park Corner entrance, but we managed to get there. The girls got their tickets from the box office and I put the golden wristband on my hand.
We separated at our respective entrances. I didn’t have to ask or do anything. I just showed my wristband and everybody was letting me in. That’s how I like it baby!
As soon as I found Tomoko and Kay again, I called Mark and Jill to see where they were and after a few minutes we met under the blazing sun. After chit-chatting and taking pictures, Tomoko and Kay left to have a look at the perks of their VIP tickets. Tomoko gave me a little something to give to Rachel and they were off. Unfortunately, I didn't see them hoo:(

My golden wristband was burning my hand! I didn’t want to leave my friends, but I was dying to see what I can do with it… So I went to one of the security guards and he said that I have access to the Special Guests area. We’re on, I thought!
The special Guests area was a huge place full of tents, right next to the backstage area. I went to the security guard of the backstage area and asked him if I could go in.

He said no.

I explained that the wristband was sent by Rachel and his reply was that if I had her number (which I don’t, of course) I could call her and she could come outside and let me in.

Chapter two: The Waiting

I was ready to faint from the heat, so I decided to have a drink under the tent, until my friend to whom I’ve given the other wristband arrived. So I went to the bar and asked for a Coke.
“Pepsi. £2 please” Swell.

I sat in one of the tables and had my drink, and I felt really pleased for the first time after the big “NO”. There was a cool breeze coming, I was under the tent, sipping my ice cold drink and then one of the bands started playing. I couldn’t see them, since I was at the back of the stage, but I sure could hear them.
I relaxed and waited for my friend to call me. At around 4:45 he called me that he was inside, but went to the main stage to see Ocean Colour Scene. I stayed at my cool place and I bumped into Ron from the Shout and his wife. He suggested maybe to go through the other gates, since the Airstream was a little bit to the left and ask if Rachel has given my name to the guards there. And when I met my friend a little while later that’s what we did, unfortunately with no results.

Our wristbands were only good for that area. We had to have proper backstage passes, you know, the ones you hang from your neck.

Chapter three: The Casbah, The Bex and The Rach!

Well, we needn’t worry for that now, for it was time for THE CASBAH CLUB!
We went to the small tent and right at the front (where else?) where we met Tom Matchett and Sarah Beth. Fab!
Simon and the boys came out, sans Bruce Watson of course, and rocked our socks off!!! I could not stop jumping and singing they were incredible! I observed how fantastic Bruce Foxton was, what a great musician. Simon of course was his own fabulous self, giving us one of the best performances I’ve seen so far. The people screamed, they loved it and so did my friend. I was paralyzed… What a great song Vibrate is. It was for me the highlight of the day so far.

As we came outside of the tent I noticed I had a message from Bex. So I called her and it was really funny because we have never met each other.
Bex: I’m wearing a white skirt.
Me: I’m wearing a white skirt too!
Bex: I see ya!
We hugged each other like long lost friends! She is such a character! We stayed in the VIP area and started talking non-stop. Then she introduced us to her father who has the same amazing blue eyes as his daughters!

While there I saw Noel Gallagher, for whom I have an ongoing crush for ages, with his dreamy little daughter. As I took his picture I screamed “I LOVE YOU! Then, I wanted the earth to open and swallow me.

Just a few minutes before The Who went on stage, Rachel came by and started greeting the people on the table. She was looking stunning! Absolutely gorgeous. I called her name and we hugged and kissed.
She asked me how I was doing with the no-smoking and I said: “I just had a fag now!”

Ok, before you start screaming at me, I needed it, after all this! Just on this occasion, as I said to Rachel… am I forgiven?

She was in quite a hurry. So I gave her Tomoko’s present and she was chuffed, and then a quick photo (Rachel looks gorgeous and I look like my grandmother!) and then she disappeared.

And that was IT! It was time for the main attraction and the main reason I was there…

Chapter four: The Who!

My friend and I decided not to get squashed, so we stayed at the back and right side of the stage, on a high slope, where we had a very good view of the stage. The screens on the stage that is. I could see the band like little ants moving around and a little bit of the background, but what I saw, I saw it mainly from the screens.

For those who didn’t watch the webcast, I have to tell you that the band was absolutely amazing. I have never seen Pete doing so many windmills before. He was playing like it was the end of the world. Roger was great too. His voice blared through the speakers and made my heart jump.
The camera was constantly on Zak, who’s getting better and better and better! Last night he was as furious as Keith. I was breathless.

I joined in with the tens of thousands of people who were cheering and clapping, jumping and screaming. What a feeling!
At the encore at the end, the very last song was Listening To You. Pete wouldn’t stop playing!!! He amazes me every time!

Chapter five: The Conclusion

The best thing, except of course the two incredible bands, was to meet all these wonderful people. I didn’t have a chance to meet Steve H, what a pity, but we spoke on the phone and I’ll see him next week, at the Blinner (see Molly? I am stealing your word and inventing a new one).

It was a lovely day overall. No complaints. The fact that I didn’t get backstage, which would have been a dream, hurt me of course. But I cannot complain. What I lived yesterday cannot be lived by a lot of people. It was truly special and I felt truly privileged. I owe Rachel a lot for that special treatment and I hope I can return the favour one day.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hyde Park Calling pre-gig meeting

It's finally here...! (well not really until tomorrow, lol)

So, pleaaaase.
Anyone who would like to meet before the gig comment here. Suggestions for time and place to meet for sandwiches and light (!) refreshments before the gig.
I am meeting with Tomoko from Japan some time tomorrow morning, so if I have more news I will update here.
I think it's safer if we don't post mobile phones here of course. Email me for exchange of numbers, instead.
I am at home today, so I will check for emails and comments regularly.