Friday, July 28, 2006

My little place of Heaven

The Greek island of Spetses is not only very important to the history of Greece, but also a gorgeous little island. Very few cars are allowed in the island, most of them are Taxis. You can walk or cycle around and enjoy a mile long promenade by the seaside.

People who come to Spetses once, they want to come again and again. There is a myth, that there is a flower in the island, called Throubi, that when you go there you smell it, and it makes you want to come again...

Celebrities have come to the island and got inspired by its beauty (the book The Magus by John Fowles is set in Spetses). Brigitte Bardot came in the '60s and fell in love with one of our Spetsiot friends! And of course our Mikey is a regular visitor with his family...
The ultimate celeb-spotting for me was in 1983, when I danced with Rudolph Nureyev in one of the island's discos!(not ballet of course, but it was like ballet with him, lol) How fab was that?

The beaches are just incredible. Crystal blue water, sand, clean and gorgeous. I can spend the whole day by the sea and then go to a nearby café and relax. My favourite moment of the day, if not the whole year!

The architecture of the island is breathtaking. The island structure is protected by law and all the houses have to look the same. If you exclude a couple of ugly hotels built in the ,70s, everything else is very traditional. I have the pleasure of staying in two houses: my mother's mainly, which has a fantastic view of the Old Harbour, and my sister's, which is built in a new complex, that has won awards for its traditional architecture, a very beautiful house indeed. We have been going there since 1970 and although we have travelled around Greece, our hearts are always in Spetses.

The nightlife of the island is very lively. Hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants. My favourite one is Balkoni, which is right at the front of the sea, plays jazz and serves the best Margheritas.

Every September the 8th, the island celebrates the burning of the Turkish Armata. During the Greek Revolution in 1821, a small boat, armed only with a torch and two very brave men, went very close to the Turkish fleet and set fire into its flagship. The rest of the ships just scattered away out of fear and the island was freed from its conquerors.
This brave incident is celebrated with music, free wine and food, dance and a re-enactment of the burning of the ship. The fake Armata is loaded with pyrotechnics and the night ends with millions of the best fireworks! It is the most joyous feeling.

My dream and plan is when I retire to live in London during the winter and in Spetses during the summer.
But at the moment, I can just enjoy my three weeks and I'll see you at the end of August! I will miss you all very much, I'm sure I'll find some time to say hi from an internet café.

Have a lovely rest of the summer!!!!


Koos F said...

Oh Marietta,
So many bloggers, so many fantastic places they describe, I want to go to all of them - but can't, so I fly there Earth Googling. Snif.
We'll miss you baby, but wish you a wonderful long holiday, and... thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

greekzoe said...


Have a great time while in Spetses. What a beautiful place to spend a vacation! Some day...I might see you there.:)

Say για σου to Ελλαδα for me.


stradasphere said...

Have a great trip!! Sounds like you are headed for a wonderful time. Talk to you when you return and LONG LIVE ROCK!!!


VallyP said...

WOW's GORGEOUS!! I'm so incredibly jealous! And you can call it home too! I've always wanted to go to the greek islands and never have..can I crawl into your suitcase and come with your..pleeeeeze???

Ah well, I can dream, can't I?

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog dear. We did indeed have a fabulous day with Anne Marie and Austin and her family. It was a real highlight of the year for me.

You mention Sindy having a blog.. well, she does already have's quite a longstanding one in fact. If you'd like to see it it's at

Have a wonderful holiday dear Marietta and we'll look forward to your return! xxx

jillytee said...

It looks really lovely, maybe we'll come out and join you (I wish!!) Have a lovely holiday
oxoxox Jill

Meg said...


Have a wonderful time in Athens, I envy you that is one spot I really want to visit! I will someday! Hey you better stop taking all this jaunts in Europe and get your tickets booked for New York in September!!!!!! Have a wonderful time.

Oh yeah, thanks!

Grace said...

Hi Marietta, I hope that you are having a lovely vacation. your pics are beautiful. I was actually watching the travel channel this am and they were in Crete. Beautiful! thought of blogger Marietta!!! Although brief, it was nice to chat with you the other day in ITA chat. Enjoy oxo Grace

PTfan said...

Sounds just lovely. Makes me want to come over.
Enjoy your time, and recharge.
Love you and will miss you!

Mike S said...

Spetses looks cozy and gorgeous Marietta!!!! Have a fun,enjoyable,
relaxing good time!!

JoeBoy said...

WOW, I am going to run away from home and move there. Well maybe someday.

Anne-Marie said...

Dear Marietta,
what a beautiful place- I may well take you up on your suggestion to go there next summer! I love the story about dancing with Nureyev- how cool is that?

I'm between airplanes right now, going off for holiday #2 tomorrow. I hope you're having a fantastic time and relaxing after all those long hours at work this year.


Metalchick said...

Hi Marietta,
It looks very beautiful there! I would love to visit there too. Glad you're having a great time. I'll be here when you return.

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Marietta!

Wow that photos just take my breath away! I love what you have written to go along with them. I wish I were on your journey with you=) Can't wait to chat again, hope to see much more soon.


Suesjoy said...

so boodiful.
thanks for sharing!
I've been slacking on my blog. bad sue.
I'm back in San Diego. It's so pretty and NOT sweltering...glad I can stay
Hope you are having a wonderful time.
Take care and toodles,

BallerinaGurl said...

Helloo love!! Spotted you on my sitemeter. I AM SOOOOOOO COOL to get your visit. OK Kidding, but come on, I am a little aren't I? lol.

WOW those pics are just stunning and I just want to jump in. So did the fireworks take place there yet? So are you taking the pics from your Mom or Sisters house or are these different views? Oh can't wait to hear back and more on the vacation!

So everyone wants to know....IS OUR MARIETTA COMING TO THE STATES???


elena said...

Wow, Marietta, what a beautiful place, it's like a paradise...enjoy your holidays!!! We will miss you too!!!


Brina said...

Dear Marietta, Spetses sounds beautiful, and I'm intrigued by the Sept. 8th tradition. You see, my birthday is September 6th. Not this year, but in 2007, it will be my 50th birthday. I want to be somewhere unusual that you suppose? I could be in Spetses?

With my handsome Joe? who is half Sicilian, and looks Greek?


I hope you are having an amazing day.

Love, Brina

Gary said...

Wow - what a gorgious place that looks like. And you get to spend three glorious weeks there. In Jan I start to get 3 weeks of vacation at my job, one gets 2 weeks up till 5 years, then we get 3 weeks thereafter. Seems we work quite hard in the US, even 3 weeks seems like not enough time to decompress. Our 2 weeks in England put me in the hole by 18 hours, and that was depressing. Maybe I should take more sick time... :-)

Tomorrow I shall go to Daphne's Greek Cafe for lunch in your honor and think about this glorious place Spetses.

kayy said...

Hi Marietta,
Seems to be a great vacation you are having.

Well, finally found your blog page and I was surprised to see a photo of Tomoko & myself on your Hyde Park concert slides. Thanks for putting it on.
It was to wonderful to see you all. I really enjoyed the HP show and luckily I could go to the Southampton show the next day. There, with Melissa, Gary & their lovely children, I saw the Who from very front of the stage.

Now a month to go before the first show (my first one is at Jones Beach) in US tour. I'm already so excited!
And I will see Tomoko again in Nov. in Hollywood Bowl shows.

I'm hoping to be a part of another UK tour next year and see you again.
Love, Kay

jillytee said...

Hi babes, thanks for the postcard
wish we were there too!see you soon

Kid Ric said...

Hello there Marietta,

What a fantastic island. I've not been blogging for awhile. Sorry for not staying in better touch. Day seven is up! About time huh?

Peace, love and light,
Kid Ric