Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hyde Park Calling pre-gig meeting

It's finally here...! (well not really until tomorrow, lol)

So, pleaaaase.
Anyone who would like to meet before the gig comment here. Suggestions for time and place to meet for sandwiches and light (!) refreshments before the gig.
I am meeting with Tomoko from Japan some time tomorrow morning, so if I have more news I will update here.
I think it's safer if we don't post mobile phones here of course. Email me for exchange of numbers, instead.
I am at home today, so I will check for emails and comments regularly.



PTfan said...

Oh Marietta. You just always make me wish I lived in London. OR had enough money to jet over whenever I wanted!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see you in the USA!

Anne-Marie said...

Have fun today, Marietta!

Looking forward to seeing you next week!


pieter said...

Have a great day !!
Catch ya all online.

Greetings Pieter.

Meg said...

Seems like so far you will be having a drink in spirit with all your blogger friends. Tip on back for me and don't forget to sneak a little nipple action for me when you give Roger a hug, I want photographic evidence!!!! You know I would do it!!!

Grace said...

Marietta, if I lived across the pond I would meet you pre-gig, have a fabulous time! xo Grace

BallerinaGurl said...

I WISH I could meet before the gig this time but I WILL be chatting! Everyone welcome but you all already knew that LOL.

Mari I will be looking for you on Camera love! GIve the other bloggers hugs from me and especially one to Bex!


BallerinaGurl said...
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lryicsgrl said...

Changed my mind.....I AM SO ENVIOUS....ha ha!

Have fun, and so you know, I LOVE GREEK FOOD. Favorite restaurant at the moment, right in my town... serves GREEK seafood and fabulous wine.

Anyway, wishing I was there.......have fun and give as many hugs and kisses as you can from me, k?


Marietta said...

Mini update:

Ok, so far no one from the UK has been here to arrange meeting. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Thank you to my overseas bloggers for the good wishes.
I think it's going to be chaotic tomorrow: two stages, bars, caf├ęs, I hear a lot of people have golden wristbands too. God knows if I get the chance to say hi to Rachel and Mikey.

Bex has emailed me and she will text me tomorrow. So will Mark and Jill.
I am meeting Tomoko at her hotel tomorrow at noon and we'll go for a coffee before hitting the Park.

So, so far that's it.
I am finally going to shut down the computer and go to bed, for my beauty sleep.
Early wake up call tomorrow, so many things to do (facial, mani-pedi, hair, make-up, liposuction) before I go up in town.

I will have a look in here tomorrow morning, but I think that the next time you'll hear from me will be Monday evening, all details and pics from the concert.


Bex said...

Hi Marietta

OOh it is today!!!
Bit concerned though - I have just rolled out of bed and had no plans to do hair and make up etc ........ don't you be looking totally stunning ok?
Oh go on then - I'll make a mini effort just for you xxxx

Think I am getting there around 3 ish so will text you when I am in.
Now what did I do with the suncream, camera, wristband ...........

It is hard being me xxxxxx
Love Bex

BallerinaGurl said...

LOL LIPOSUCTION!!!!!!!!! You are killing me here!

Have fun girls! Post loads of pics!!

Steve H said...

Marietta - you have my mobile number for today right?


Suesjoy said...

I'm back from the mountains - so this is late - but have a FANTASTIC time!
CANNOT wait to hear the details!
(I'm glad you're not a slack blogger comme moi!).
You're so cute - I can feel the excitement emanating from your post!
Say hi to Tomoko san! You're so lucky that you get to meet her.
See I'm not startruck...
Take care and be well,
Sue D. xxoo

Suesjoy said...

startruck? starship trooper??
uh, I meant STARSTRUCK!!!!
it's late, etc.....

elena said...

Hi Marietta!!!

It's been a fantastic show!!! I hope you've had a great time.