Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Meet the Bloggers!

Clockwise from bottom left: Anne-Marie, Mark, Jill, James, Jonathan and me.

Well, that was pure joy! The Blinner was so much fun. Meeting with all these people at last was really special for me.
The previous day I met with Anne-Marie to watch the World Cup final in a pub in Knightsbridge.
She is hilarious! A fantastic personality, with so many stories to tell that will have you either hanging from her words, or in absolute stitches! I had a feeling she was going to be like this and meeting her was incredible!

So, yesterday after work I made my way to As Greek As It Gets in Earls Court. Our table was waiting and after having a glass of water, whoop! there's Anne-Marie coming, bang on time! A little while later Mark and Jill, who is always a delight to meet, arrived then Jonathan and finally James. They are all such great people! Oh, how can one eat with such handsome men around? LOL! Well, that was about to be found out because the appetizers I've ordered for the group started flowing in. Hunger took over my embarassment and we all dived in! A huge Greek salad, fries with melted feta cheese, all kinds of dips, pitta bread, and booze!
The conversations were all about you-know-WHO and excitement about forthcoming and past shows. Everyone had a little story to tell, plus, I discovered that everyone on that table had a musical talent. Including Steve, who unfortunately couldn't make it, because he was rehearsing with his band. Steve I hope you make it to the next one!
Before even we finished the appetizers, we ordered the main dishes. The catalogue was full of delish things, we were spoiled for choice and e
veryone was asking my advice on what to order. I wanted only the best for my blogger friends so I made a couple of suggestions, and the souvlaki wraps started coming. The conversation continued between "mmm"'s and "ooooh"'s about the food. I think they liked it, hehe.

After having coffee ( I had two cups of the strong greek coffee!!) sadly it was time to go. We agreed we should do that again. As I said goodbye to Anne-Marie I felt a sadness, I hope I meet her again.

Thanks for coming, everyone, and lets keep in touch!


Moonpie said...

Thats so lovely!
Glad you all had a great time, thanks for posting the pictures.
The food looks incredible.

Suesjoy said...

Oh cool! What a great bunch of people.
I'm so glad it was so much fun...and yummy too.
I hope I make it to a blunch or blinner or whatever!
Thanks for sharing! (And you're so prompt with your posts! You're such a good lil' blogger).
Take care,
Sue D. xx

stradasphere said...

Can you guys all come to the States and hang out!! Sounds like so much fun!!

Long Live Rock...and blogging about it!

PTfan said...

Very nice. Thanks for letting us in on your get together!

Grace said...

Hi Marietta, looks like you all had alot of fun. Thanks for sharing you photos. x o Grace

Gary said...

well now, this looked like a mighty fine booze up from the looks of things.


PTfan said...

Marietta! Got tickets to two Who shows with Meg!!! You gotta come! Well, you don't gotta, but we would sure really love it if you did!
I totally understand if you can't. I know you want to.

Anne-Marie said...

Aww, you're so sweet. Mikey said so too. :)

Thanks for heads-up for the Who tour. So now that we have American and Canadian dates, you need to come party with us here. Thanks so much for all the organising around London- you are just as lovely as I thought you would be.


PTfan said...

Wow, Marietta. Talk about multi-tasking!!!
Sent you an e-mail too.

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Love!!

Wow sounds like a lovely time! So great, I can't wait to meet fellow bloggers as well=) I finally have posted to my poor blog..it was lonely! I will write soon, just a bit crazy here now..

Much love

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

It sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers - it's just that I live so far away.

...I think I'm the only Who blogger within 800 miles around!

I can't wait to see Them in October & I'm going to splurge & see them in both Calgary & Edmonton. I'll be putting on about 600 miles round trip to do that! Anything for my beloved...

The Greek food sounds so delicious, too! I love Greek!
Hopefully this evening my husband & I will be celebrating at our favourite Bavarian restaurant.


BallerinaGurl said...

Hi Sweetie! I am back from my vacation! So popping in for a hello of my own. WOW looks so much like the blunch and how fun you all had! I am excited to meet up with everyone as well! Hope to see you over here! I just got an email for The Who as they will be in LA on the 5th of December! ROAD TRIP??


Metalchick said...

Hi Marietta,
Sounded like a lot of fun! If only we all lived closer together! I hope you can come to Southern California someday.
Thanks for sharing!

JoeBoy said...

Food looks yummy. Time to eat.

Steve H said...

I really hope I can make it to the next one!