Monday, July 17, 2006

Good News: We Got A Hit!

The date: 17th of July, St Marina's Day - a very special day for me, today, even more special.
I'm at home, doing f--- all, this and that, banking, bored, coffee, phone calls, yawn, whatever.
Then it dawns on me: one week before the release of Wire And Glass.... Maybe it's on iTunes.
Yeah, baby! There it is!!!! No second thought, click on 'Buy Album' and in less than a minute (don't you just love broadband?) it is in my Music Library.
Connect the computer to the speakers and let the magic begin...

Sound Round: A thundering drumroll, bringing into mind my Keith, promises an exciting journey into The Who's sound. Rogers voice is fierce and unrepetant (hehe)
Pick Up The Peace: it is so Live At Leeds (2) for me, that was the first time I heard it and loved it. I can just see them in front of me and I'm singing along. It reminds me a bit of Bargain and I'm loving it.
Endless Wire: it has a sweet sound, Pete's voice is intimate (or is it because of The Attic?) it just carries you away
We Got A Hit: this is a fantastic Rock'n'Roll happy theme. Makes me jump around and shout. A song as a joke or a joke as a song?
They Made My Dream Come True: Pete singing my motto? LOL. But they certainly have and this song, although it's very short, is the seal to a unique work of music.
Mirror Door: a screaming crowd, probably from one of the Who's concerts, introduce one of my favourite Who songs. Seeing it live was amazing and this version kicks arse! Roger is fab, his voice as strong as ever and the music is powerful and very catchy. All in all: I'M LOVING EVERY NOTE!



Suesjoy said...

I ordered this, so it will hopefully be waiting for me when I go home at the end of the month (along with Shine!).
Cannot wait to hear it!!!!
(I am iTuneless).
Take care!
Sue D.

stradasphere said...

Right on Marietta! Us Americans will just have to wait a bit!!!

Can't wait though!


millymoon said...

hi marietta!
I love The Who, and the 14 of july I went to their concert at Locarno...they are my love!!!
I was front of pete and roger..and they saw me!!
I made photos...see it!
sorry, but I don't speak english very well, because an italian girl, and I'm 14 years old..hihi

please, visit my blog...your is very nice and cool..


Sirou said...

Ciao Marietta!Vedo che sei di Londra, dal 20 Agosto saro` a visitare la tua terra...
Ci vediamo!

millymoon said...

thank's for your comment..
Your italian is very have do a error..BACI and don't BACCI!!sorry..

I love's my dream..
because I hate's..very "new" and I like the "old" city..
sorry for my error!

see you soon..
visit my blog anytime..


Dale said...

Hi Marietta!

Can't wait to buy my new computer with all the fancy bells & whistles in order to watch & listen to my favourite artists!

Look out blogland!


Take care, Sweetie.


elena said...

Hola Marietta!!

I hasn't been released in Spain yet, arrrrgggg.....I'm looking forward to listening to it..
I had a great time chatting the other day!!!


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
I will have to find a way to get my hands on that music. :) I hope you aren't melting too much across the channel. We are enjoying every bit of this trip, although I wish we had more than just a 2 hour layover in London so we could see you again.


Grace said...

Great review Marietta! Can't wait to hear for myself. ox Grace

who4ever said...

Hi marietta!!
I had seen your blog is very particular
even if I don't speak english very well because I 'm italian but I get the idea!
anyhow I LOVE THE WHO!!
I went at the concert in Locarno (swiss)
and I was in front of Pete! I was very exciting!!

See you!