Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In wristband heaven

Dressed half with work clothes and my pyjama bottoms I hear the bell ring at 8.15.
A-ha! I think. Could it be?
I rush to the intercom and with a hoarse-sleepy voice I say "Who is it?"
"Hi Marietta, it's Rachel and Pete, personally delivering your tickets and passes!"
Ok, that was during my dream. The real answer was
"Postman. You have a Special Delivery"
I open the door and sign with trembling hands. I look at the "from" label, sorry lable ;), and there it was in blue: Eeel Pie!

I take the jiffy envelope to the light before opening it and I see a very long thin thing inside.
I open it and I couldn't understand what I was looking at. A gold plastic strip, with holes in it and Hyde Park Calling printed alongside. What is it, God? Have they sent me the wrong thing? I didn't want a suitcase tag, I wanted two tickets with two big fat stickers saying "Guest" like my friend Haribomort had. And it's one. Only one. What am I going to tell my friend? He was so excited... There is no note, nothing, I am so ashamed to bug Rachel again. HEEEEELP!

But, the more I looked at it the more I started to understand. Hang on a minute. This splits. This is two in one. And then I remembered in Leeds people wearing in their hands something similar. And those were the people that went backst... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!
YES! Now I knew...
It took me a while, but it finally dawned on me. These are special wristbands (for special people) that work as passes....................................................!
My sweet Rachel, this wonderful creature sent from Heaven, the most generous lady on earth, has sent me the best gift ever!!!!
I started dancing in the middle of the room, laughing at my naivity and ignorance. And happy, so so happy!

A lot of you understand how much this means to me. It's beyond the beyond!
I immediately sent a comment to Rachel to thank her and sent a text message to my friend that everything is all right, the dream is just beginning...
I had to get ready for work. I couldn't stop smiling. I hopped on the train and looked outside the window, while listening to Rachel's songs. I was in wristband heaven.

Best fucking summer of my life!


Marietta said...

Sorry for the 'f' word, but in this situation it was needed!

Meg said...

There is not better way to express yourself in this situation without using the F note! You are in for such an experience! I envy you and so want to live vicariously through you. Please remember to take plenty of pictures and if you really want to send me good karma when giving Roger a hug brush his nipple through his shirt and think of me! I will then be healed, well maybe not physically but mentally! Have a blast and we want a report asap!!!

PTfan said...

Marietta! You are the Sweetest thing ever! I am so stinkin ghappy for you! You have had such a great WHO year! IT just never ends for you , does it?
Whoa. I love how you wrote this post. It's like we are with you there!!!!

Meg, why when I read your posts on blogs and Shout, do I always laugh? Cuz you're f***ing funny, that's why!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

I'm excited just reading your post. Use all the 'f' bombs you like. This is awesome. Have a blast.:-)

PTfan said...

Marietta! One of your photos made it on the Who web site!!!

PTfan said...

Oh. HA! Label, lable. HAHAHHAHAA!!!!!!!
Let's see how many times I can post a comment on this post of yours. Sheesh.

PTfan said...

Ok. One more. LOL I like your profile pic a lot I just wish it was in color.

lryicsgrl said...

What a DREAM, what a REALITY!
I feel as though I am living "virtually" through so many "strangers" I barely know. Yet, I am happy, truly happy, not envious. It's as though the affirmation that goodness and generosity live and breath in front of me everyday, through the miracle of modern technology, I am witness to it. I hope dreams like these come true over this side of the pond too!!!
But, until then, I will be happy for you and look forward to your candid account of it all...and I am sending you a quick pinch, so you know it is real...


Marietta said...

I'll do my best, just for you! ;)

I've changed it in colour and for some reason it's so tiny you can't see it, LOL.
Thanks for the tip about my photo. Cool! And you can post as many comments you want in here, you know that.

I love the expression 'f' bombs! Hopefully, there's more excitement to come!

No, I'm not dreaming...
I think this place is amazing too. Hopefully I'll meet with all of you on the other side of the pond soon.

I was so sleepy last night I didn't read your comments until this morning.

Thank you, beautiful people!

Marietta said...

Testing to see if photo is bigger now....hehehe, sorry.

PTfan said...

Ooooh!! I love your new improved, full color profile pic!!! Excellent!

Anne-Marie said...

Hey Marietta,
do you remember a few posts back when you were saying that everything was going wrong and you needed to redress the balance? This is the redressing, my dear!

I'm so happy for you. Have a great time, and then tell us all about it!


Dale said...

You used the eff word?

God, I'm dense - I didn't even notice. Same with Pete's story...

I haven't received the e-mail you sent notifying me of my backstage wristband yet...


I am so envious & so happy for you, Marietta!


Grace said...

Happy, Happy days!!! Your dream would be awesome with Pete and Rachel really delivering to your door. Rachel IS so sweet. I am so pleased for you Marietta. (I will dream tonite - that it is me!!!) xo Grace

Metalchick said...

Hi Marietta,
I like your profile picture!
That is so cool whenever a person has a dream that tells them what will happen up ahead!
Congradulations! You are so lucky.
I like how Label is spelled Lable in the UK, I'm going to start spelling it like that from now on.

I know you'll have a great weekend!

ADAM said...


I AM SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU ! BACK STAGE PASSISISISISI'S ! WOW! It doesn't get much better than that girl !
You have a great time and don't forget your camera...I've a feeling you just might need it!

Again, I'm so happy for you. It could not of happened to a nicer person. I have no doubt that it is indeed Karma.


Delbut said...

Marietta, i am really happy for you.

I was lucky enought o go backstage for the brighton show. I met roger and had a photo with him. It was fun.

i hope you have a great time.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, really pleased for you. you deserve it. I'll text you my mobile. See you tomorrow. Mark

Seychelle said...

Very cool. Better than f*cking hospital wrist bands!!!

Have fun!!!#%%%@@##$$*&*!

Nice blog avatar!