Monday, June 26, 2006

Aaah! La musica!!!

Today I had an epiphany.
I listened to our fellow blogger Gary's song Bermondsey. Not for the first time though.
The first time it was through my laptops little speakers. I liked it very much, I think Gary has a big musical talent.
Today though, after the Attic show and the Who live show, when I always connect my laptop to my 5.1 surround system, I received an email from Claire Eliza to join her group's The Marquee MySpace page. The kids are more than alright!
So, after surfing here and there in MySpace, I clicked on Gary's page.

An amazing music came through my speakers. Loud, clear, terrific! I dropped everything I was doing ( putting the pizza in the oven if you must know) and listened to the song again and again.
It is amazing and has a very beautiful melody.
If you haven't listened yet go now!

So, I decided to create my own IAC station, for fun, but also, to be able to send the link to family and friends to listen to great music. Of course, I have included our favourites, Rachel, Mikey, Casbah Club, Foy Vance, Gary of course, and little by little I will add more worthy artists.
It is called - what else? Panacea Radio.
Click on the image below to go and listen now!


PTfan said...

Excellent! Did you tell Gary?
I have his CD, before this song came out.

Marietta said...

Yes, he discovered the station by himself as soon as I set it up!
Talented AND quick, LOL!

Michael said...

Hey bunky,
Thanks for the comment and I am spending a lot of money, but at least its not on drugs. I am almos complete all I need now is a Rickenbacker and I wont need any more.......right....michael :)

Steve H said...

Hi Marietta

Hyde Park on Sunday!! Should we bloggers meet up?? Would be nice to meet you and anyone else who's going along.

Bex mentioned something about it on my blog.


Metalchick said...

Hi Marietta,
Thanks for adding me to your list of fab bloggers, I feel honored. I just listened to a few songs off of your sation. I like Rachel's version of Ruby Tuesday.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, just looked at your photos and they are very good. You were lucky to get so near the front. I will tune in to your radio station tomorrow as it's late now. Not long to HP now. Garys songs are really good. I have asked him if I can sing to one and we will try to get together one day and give it a go. Take care. Mark

Anne-Marie said...

Pete's kids are indeed alright. So much musical talent in and around us, and aren't we the lucky one to be able to hear it all?


ADAM said...

Hi Marietta,

Thanks for the post on my Blog.I shall indeed give your radio station a listen. I have one myself called THE ORCHARD.
You will no doubt be pleased to learn that The purple Heart of Cider did return home...eventually!

Stay bright be happy!


Pete Reeve said...

Loved the pics (& the link to IAC you set up).
I just realised that it was me you squeezed past - very politely - to get a shot of the plaque ceremony. i didn't realise it was you. Next time I'll say 'ello.
Have a great time with your wristbands.

stradasphere said...

Hi Marietta! Congrats on winning the contest. There is a lot of talented artists around this particular WHo/Pete/Rachel/Simon/Mikey blogosphere!! I am new to the group but having a blast. Stop by sometime!

Long Live Rock!


Grace said...

Hi Marietta! I will have to stop by your station and take in a listen. Cool! I saw that you got your wristbands from Eel Pie, aswesome. x Grace