Sunday, June 18, 2006

How do you follow perfection?



W E L O V E Y O U !

Leeds, 17th of June, 2006

The time is 15:45 and I enter the gates of my University. My body is filled with goose bumps. The first reason was because I was back at Leeds Uni after 13 years. I graduated in 93 and have never come back.

The second all know now.
My boys were there.
After meeting and greeting with lots of Bloggers and Shouters, I queued up to watch the unveiling of the blue plaque. The heat was sweltering, my mouth was dry and people were coming out of the Refectory, announcing that the ceremony would start soon. At 4:00, the programme said, at 4:30 someone said, then at 5:00.

A little after 5:30 a lot of commotion:
Cameramen getting ready (in front of me, blocking my view!), photographers (ditto) lots of other people and then finally........


Roger looking more handsome than EVER and Pete looking smashing, smiling, relaxed.
The people went bananas. So did I...A few welcoming speeches and then the two Men of Honour unveiled the blue plaque. The flashing cameras and the applause were falling like thunder. I managed to get a little footage on my camera, but everybody was blocking me so it is very little.
But I was very happy and honoured to be there.

After chit-chatting with Tony, aka Haribomort, the winner of Rachel's competition for Leeds, I strolled down the road to the Fenton pub, where I met fellow blogger Adam and his lovely wife Gaynor. They are such fantastic people! Lots of other Who fans were there. We drank, laughed and talked about The Who. The excitement was building up.....


The time was 7 o'clock. Adam, Gaynor and I decided to return to the University and go to the Refectory for the gig.
When we arrived the queue was going around the building and then for about four thousand miles or so... "Splendid" I thought. I won't be able to see anything.

Little by little we moved forward. Finally, we turned the corner and we reached the door. I stepped into the Refectory and for my delight, I saw only a small gathering of people in front of the stage. Everybody else was at the bar!!!!
I went closer and I squeezed at the side of the second row. In front of me: two very tall guys. I tapped on one's shoulder and said Hi! He said Hi too. I said I can't see. He said I'll lean over. I said You'll hurt your back. He laughed and did...NOTHING. My mood was ruined.

At 8:30-ish the lights went down and the people went berserk. I could see the tops of Pete and Roger, little bit of Zak, very little of Simon and a lot of Pino (actually the whole Pino)
I can't watch the show like that, I thought, so I took out my camera and re-tapped the guy's shoulder. I showed him my camera. He tried to signal that he will take pictures, but I signaled back "Oh, no you won't" and gestured I wanted to get to the front. The guy behind me showed me a little space just on my right and front. I moved forward.
Before I knew it, another guy stepped back and WHAM! I WAS AT THE VERY FRONT!

I just couldn't believe it... Never before in my life, I have been front row in a Who concert.
I started jumping while snapping pictures, singing, sweatting, screaming.

The boys were unbelieveable!

Who Are You
Can't Explain
The Seeker
Wire & Glass
Sound Around
Pick Up The Peace
Endless Wire
We've Got A Hit
They Made My Dreams Come True
Mirror Door
Baba O'Reilly
Behind Blue Eyes
Let's See Action
Naked Eye
Cry If You Want
Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me
Listening To You


Eminence Front
Won't Get Fooled Again

They had such energy, I couldn't stop screaming. The people around me were going mad too.
I looooooved the new material. It sounded amazing live and I can't wait to buy the new CD!
Baba O'Riley was great. Cry If You Want, The Seeker, Naked Eye and Relay were fantastic surprises.
When they did the Tommy segment I was gone completely. Sparks was electrifying.
By Listening To You, I thought that I reached God! I was out of my body, out of this world, out of it completely.

Then Won't Get Fooled Again for the absolute climax.
And then it ended.
And we wanted more.
I wanted more.

But it ended.

So, how do you follow perfection?

We'll all find out on the 2nd of July...



Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, lucky you at the front. They obviously were not as gentlemanly as me. Anyway just got in from the gig in Brighton. Fantastic show. I'm off to bed as it's past midnight. See ya and take care. Mark

Anne-Marie said...

Fantastic review, Marietta- can't wait to see all 136 pictures!

I'm so glad you were up front and having a grand old time!


Grace said...

listening to you.............that is the best review ever. I felt like I was there. I know , when you leave; it is addicting, don't stop, more, more, more. I cannot wait to see your pix. I have been front row a few times and it is intoxicating. so glad you had a good time. ox Grace

Alecia said...

Thanks for the review Marietta! I watched the first 3 songs from and was just as excited as if I was there! I am so thrilled they are back! Can't wait to hear all the new songs!

BallerinaGurl said...

DARLING that was the most exciting review of anything I think I have ever read! You are so amazing in detail! I loved it and am sooooo happy you enjoyed yourself so much!

I am really looking forward to the pics! ALL 136 of them!!!!!!!! LOL


hntgzr said...
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hntgzr said...

Maria... so pleased you enjoyed yourself :) Makes selling a spare ticket I had to you all the more worthwhile!

DeeringB said...

Hi Marietta -
Great to read your review !
I was desperately searching the regular blogs yesterday before I set out for Brighton , hoping I could find some reviews of the Leeds show. But alas no-one had yet posted anything.
Hamish did put up the set-list and a brief summary on Pete's website in the afternoon. But looking at yours he missed a few key songs out.
Anyway Brighton was a real blast. Another nice intimate venue.
I've put a review up on my blog if you are interested. But my set list comparison to Leeds was based on Hamish's so I'll have to try and amend it now.

Glad you had such a good show - after the bad run you've had with computers and phones. I can't bring myself to rely on anything electronic.

Here's to your next great show and your magic passes !!


PTfan said...

Excellent review, as usual! I can't wait to experience a show with you in the USA!
I can't believe it took so long for Mr. Tall to move aside and let you in. Geez.
Can't wait for the pics although the collage is superb!

Brina said...

Hi Marietta, Wonderful! Wow!

And there's more to come.

What a way to start your summer.

I'm doing fine in recovery mode from surgery and feeling sleepy from the meds.

Happy for you. It was historic, being at Leeds, and for you, also personal, huh? I haven't been back to my college campuses where I got my undergraduate training, either.

I can't wait for the U.S. dates to be announced so that I can start to plan. I need to attend at least one and preferably more than one of the Who's U.S. concerts. I would love that. I'm dying to see Mikey and Rachel and Si and Pete.

Hugs, sweet Marietta!

Love, Brina

Anne-Marie said...

Wow, Marietta, thanks for putting up all your photos! They are wicked!


eva said...

Good God woman, those are awesome photos! You should be a photo-journalist!
Thanks for posting such a great and detailed review. What kind of camera do you have? I am looking to buy one and don't know where to start.
take care

Cheryl Ann said...

thanks for the show now I feel like i was there with you!

PTfan said...

Ooh! Thanks for the photos! I love the pic of you!!! I will have to go back and click on the comments you made later when I have time. I see Roger has a coffee (or tea) mug to match his socks! LOL

Mark T said...

Hı Marıetta, from a very hot Turkey!! We went to see the boys Sunday evenıng and flew out to Turkey the followıng mornıng. Wıll check out your photos when we get back as ıt ıs very hot ın thıs ınternet cafe. Dıd you ever get your phone back? If you have changed your number e-maıl us your new number. I have had to moderate comments due to a few ıssues. Take care. Mark and Jıll xx

JoeBoy said...

You lucky girl. Great Review and thanks for your kind comments. I am back.

Dale said...

Oh My Goodness!

Need I say more - I guess I could swear, but that's not it.

I've told you before how lucky you are & I'll say it again!


Now for the photo show!


ADAM said...

Hi Marietta !

It was really great to meet you at THE gig the other night. It sounds as though you not only survived it but had fun too!


blue said...

Hi Marietta!

I already went BANANA by reading your FABULOUS report!!lol.

"We'll all find out on the 2nd of

What you said is TRUE.
Let's share THE MOMENT!!

Tomoko xx

Grace said...

Your photos are fantastic Marietta.... Grace

elena said...

Wow Marietta!!! It sounds really exciting, thanks a lot for sharing, you were very lucky to be at the front row, haha, well done!!
I hope you will have a great time at Hyde Park.



stradasphere said...

Lucky you! I am so jealous! I was pretty close to the stage at the 96 Quad tour but not that close. And to think I found your blog through a series of clicks after being on pete's sight!

Awesome photos.

Long Live Rock!

haribomort said...

Hi Marietta

Great to see you on Saturday - I hope your dreams come true at Hyde Park like mine did at Leeds!!

Take care

Tony xxx

Metalchick said...

Hi Marietta,
You are so lucky to have been there! Glad to hear that you made it to the front row. Way to Go!
From what I read in Pete's diary pages, I think they are going to release this as "Live At Leeds II" I can't wait till that comes out!

Metalchick said...

Hey again!
I just watched the slideshow, great shots! Pete and Roger look so good!

ADAM said...

Hi Marietta,

WOW !! What great pictures you managed to get. They really en-capture the whole amazing day! I've now put a full account/review of the gig up on my Blog along with a 'few' pictures. As I only bought my camera a few days beforehand I was still getting to grips with it. Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took got blinded out by the lights. Still...YOUR pictures more than made up for it.
I still haven't come back to earth since the gig...nor do I want to. I can hardly believe that in only 3 days time we will be just outside Leeds yet again for the Harewood gig.
Roll on !

Stay bright and be happy!


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

It has been a bit of a tough go.
Beth is still not home, but she will be fine.

I still worry & I will have to deal with it in the meantime.

Thanks for your friendship.
You're so sweet!


A/Dale said...

Hi Marietta

I got your most recent message & Beth is home safe & sound!

I thank the powers that be...

I also thank you for being here for me in the only way you can.

Much love & all that goes with it.

P.S. Sorry I'm logged in as my "altered ego" but I don't want to change it all now.

who4ever said...

Hi Marietta!!
I'm italian and I don't speak english very well ...........
wow!! you are going to Who's concert at Leeds!!!!!!

On 14th july I will go in Locarno(swiss) of the who's concert!! wow!

I'm very happy to know many Who's fan!



Suesjoy said...

Oh wonderful commentary Marietta!
Being so close to the Who - that's a dream come true.
Can't wait for your July 2nd post!
Thanks for sharing - love the pics too.
Take care and be well,

Gary said...

Hi Marietta,
now THAT! is a review of a gig. I could imagine the energy.

Hey thank you for such nice comments on the songs, and for adding them to your station on IAC. I'm particulary proud of Bermondsey as it was written for my Dad.

It's hot here today, a bit overcast, but real humid. Think it's time for an iced latte and a nap. Construction work over till next weekend.