Thursday, June 15, 2006

What else?

I was robbed off my mobile phone today.
I was on the train, going to work and while I was texting a friend, a hand grabbed my phone. I turned around and I saw 4-5 teenagers running off the train. I went to the door and screamed at them, but the doors closed and the train took off. The kids were laughing at me and they run away. I went back to my seat with tears in my eyes.
Thankfully, a few passengers recognised their emblem on their blazers and knew the name of the school. A very helpful fellow passenger called the police and I reported the robbery and then we called the school and I gave them my details.
Then I went to the Transport Police at Victoria and gave a statement. Hopefully I will hear something soon. I also called my mobile provider so they can block the phone. Maybe those kids would phone China or Ghana, more possibly.

I am devastated. I had all my contacts in my phone's memory. I will never retrieve some of them...
I have to wait for a replacement phone now ... Stupid kids, I hope they get punished.

First my computer crashing, now this. What else is there going to happen to me? I am scared.


jillytee said...

Ooooohh poor little Marietta thats so mean.... why are people so bad?
I hope the school catches them and at least you get your phone back. We'll email you our numbers tomorrow, don't worry too much I'm sure nothing else bad will happen. Those boys better watch out though as something bad will happen to them !!
Jill xoxoxoxoxxo

Dale said...

Oh Marietta

I feel so bad for you!
Sorry to hear about your next bout of bad luck.

My week has been no better.
First we had to let poor Murphy go, then today my 10 year old son got sent home from school for not being able to finish his Father's Day card...what's up with THAT!

I agree with what you said at the beginning of the year about 2006 being a bad year.
Mine has been a continuous series of bad stuff...

Here's to better luck in the future, my Dear!


PTfan said...

Don't be scared Sweetie. Don't let fear get the upper hand on you. Rise above it. I'll stand back and watch you shine! How about that??!!! That is sensless what they did. I hope and pray you get it back with all the memory info intact.
Love ya.

Metalchick said...

I know how that feels. Thank God you filed a police report and called your provider! You won't believe what thieves are capable of doing with stolen phones.
I learned the hard way. When my cell phone was stolen, I didn't file a police report or have the service cancelled, instead it was placed on hold. A "So-Called" friend, who was the one that stole my phone, payed the bill with a stolen check to keep the service going! I cleared this up, but I had to go through a lot of hell to do so! I had to pay for something I didn't do, but she still hasn't paid yet!

She'll pay one day, and so will those boys. Karma has a way of punishing those who haven't been punished for their bad deeds.

VallyP said...

Dear Marietta
That is so terrible, and so maddening, it makes you want to scream with frustration. I also had my phone stolen a couple of weeks ago - pickpockets in a shopping mall here in Rotterdam. Like you say, it's the fact that all your contacts are on your phone and if you're anything like me, you don't have them anywhere else! The worst thing is friends abroad who don't have email...numbers gone, contact gone!

Good luck with getting it back! You may be lucky, so we'll all keep fingers and toes crossed dear. xxVal

Tausha71979 said...

Awe sweets:(

Seems you are having the same luck as me! I do hope that they get punished, I can't believe that they just grabbed it out of your hands! I know what you mean, I lost a phone not that long ago and didn't register my rolodex with the cell company. So I am unable to call some friends I hardly get to talk to:( I hope things are looking up.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh Marietta,
That's terrible. I think the little cretins will get caught, though, by the sounds of it. There's plenty of info for the police to follow up on, and one of the children will rat the others out, trust me. It just takes a clever teacher to suss the truth out.

I hope you have a great weekend!


blue said...

Dear Marietta

Sorry to hear about your sad accident..TOO sad.I can't find what to say for you more.

Even though police found who stole your cell phone,your shock won't go away from you easily..also your precoius its memory.

I'm crossing my fingers for "no more bad thing to you"
Please don't be scared dear..

Big love

Tomoko xx