Monday, October 30, 2006

You Beta You Bet!

Urgh! I was fed up with the bloody "Publishing now" thingy so I switched to Beta.
So now I can enjoy my beautiful Ballerinagurl's new blog...

So sorry if that is inconvenient for some of you, I think you might need to switch to Beta too, in order to comment here.
Try it, it's cool! Faster.

All's quiet on this front. Quiet and boring, absolutely no news from work. I looked around for other jobs and I discovered that the positions I want (management) need management experience, and the ones I can apply for pay peanuts. Yikes!

I wish someone could offer me the following job:

"Listening to The Who and Rachel all day, writing on your blog and visiting other blogs, and going to all Who/Attic gigs around the world and writing all about it. Two-month holiday, all paid. Shitloads of money to spend on CDs, DVDs and huge salary and bonus. Previous experience on all of the above essential! Immediate start."

Now THAT is a job I can apply and get hired instantly. And then I'll wake up, LOLOLOL.

Your comments on my previous blog were overwhelming, thank you soooo much. The funny thing is that for at least 10 days, Blogger was showing I had only 2 comments, one of which was from me! Yikes! So I thought "nobody loves me, boooohooo". But then one day I clicked on the number and magic unfolded when I saw I had at least 10 comments... I swear to God, I welled up by reading them.

So, this is a present for YOU my lovely friends. The lovely Mr Hugh Laurie, aka Gregory House and the best intro of a song EVER:

House, Series 1, Episode 14 "Control"

I am little by little starting to visit your blogs. Give me a little more time, I try to squeeze everything on my days off.

Love to all,


Marietta said...

Where are all my links and beautiful photos?????????
Oh, I guess I'll have to do it all over again.F#/&@K!

I have to stop leaving the first message to my own blog.

lryicsgrl said...

ok...this is a test...

lryicsgrl said...

alrighty...regular bloggers, can indeed post here!
so, here I am!

I know what you mean, my family teases me, when I come to my computer, and I pout; "no one loves me", silly, aren't we!!

Good luck with the JOB search, the right one will come along, I just know it will :-)

xoSue (lzygrl no more!)

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
I am staying with alpha for now, much too busy to investigate anything beta at the moment.

Continued good wishes for a successful job search, my dear. Of course we love you! Keep up the positive energy and it will flow back to you.


Dale said...

Hi Marietta!

Welcome back - I've missed you.

... I'm going to stick with delta cappa...