Friday, March 17, 2006

Just Breathe!

I have to thank Rachel and Pete once again, they will get bored of hearing me saying that. Or more precisely reading it..
For me nothing cheers me up more than music. And through the rough time I had the last couple of months, Rachel's voice was soothing and so helpful. Listening to Just Breathe, Sunrise, In The Mix and Spin, among others, made me feel so much better. Also Quadrophenia, Who's Next and Simon's songs are constantly shuffling on my mp3 player... All great, all transporting me to dreamland and oblivion...

Heart matters can be very painful, but...educational as well! We learn about ourselves, we find an inner strength that didn't know it existed. We find escapes from the cruel reality and ways to deal with our disappointment. We make decisions not to make the same mistakes - but most of the time we make them again... Still, through the sadness we find peace, and for me this peace came through music.
And work. While I was mourning my lost romantic story, I worked even more and with more zeal than ever before. And that paid off with a commendation from a customer, which made me glow with pride!
I'm not going to talk about my heartbreak for now, maybe in the future I will write a book about it. Accompanied with a box of Kleenex.
By the way, I am surprised and pleased with myself that I haven't smoked for four months, even through these difficult times. Hurrah!!! I hope that answers your question, Dale... :o)

Moving on, moving on!
We have Who concerts coming up, the Convention (still haven't got a ticket, and it's sold out, but I'll go on the day and beg for a ticket!!!!) the fabulous Attic shows and the chats that cheer me up so much.
My mommy is coming on Tuesday, staying for two months, and then I go to Greece in May for my 40th birthday!!!! God! I'll spend 5 days partying!

So yes, life IS good, thanks to beautiful things, like a song, a word, a place, a movie, a comedy, a show, a blog!
I'll be more regular in here, I promise, things can only get better! Thank you so much for your understanding!
Happy St Patrick's day, for all those who celebrate!


jillytee said...

Hi babes, I see you are so positive which is a very good thing, and brave too (see my new year blog)!!Lol! Your mum is coming on TUESDAY? WOW!!! you must be so excited , will you post some pics of you 2 on your blog? Be kind to yourself and I hope we'll be meeting again soon
Jilly xoxoxxox
ps my word verification is Cokavuqo! which sounds very cheerful if you shout it out loud!

BallerinaGurl said...

Hello Love! Would you help Co-host the chat next Wed with me and Ric in case I can't stay the whole time? I will not be in town and may get stir crazy from my hotel! LOL

Hope you are well. I miss our talks. Let do it again soon!


Princess Lo said...

I voted 3 times since i have 3 different email addresses hee he

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,
Yes, you certainly do have great things to look forward to. Trust me when I tell you that your 40s will be the best decade yet. You sound like you're going to enter them in a positive and healthy frame of mind, and this is a wonderful thing indeed.

Take care,

greekzoe said...

Hi Marietta!

I am glad to see you are more cheerful. I have been thinking about you and was wondering if you were alright. Hadn't seen you around blogland for awhile. I'm glad you are back. You have been missed!!

Your upcoming calendar is very full! I am glad you are going to see your mom. I'm sure she misses you. I am hopefully going to Sweden in October to see my son and daughterinlaw and grandcat! Keeping my fingers crossed.

And yes, the 40's are better than the 30's. I am 8 years into my 40's and I am totally enjoying them.

I hope your weekend is fab! Take care of yourself,


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, nice to hear that you're getting it together. Don't forgot you have lots of friends out here in Blogland and we're here to listen. Good news to hear that your Mum is over. I find the all the music that us Bloggers have got into through blogging great and I, like yourself, listen to Rachel, Mikey, Simon and Pete, not forgetting The Vibrants all the time. Well, take care and see ya soon. Mark

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Now I know why I consider you a friend, no matter that we have never met.

Your honesty, sincerity & beautiful soul (I think I heard that in a song before...) shine through.

My heart goes out to you for one of those things in life that can make us feel the most vulnerable.
Falling in love...
Then having to fall back out of love...

It's amazing how resilient we can be.
We learn & take that knowledge to the next level.
I believe everything happens for a reason & that most of our decisions are presented to us preordained.
How we deal with those decisions & the choice we make is up to us.

I admire your positive attitude & fortitude.

Sincerely, I am looking forward to the day we can meet in person!
Until then, the written word is it!

Take care.


Dale said...

On a less philosophical note...


E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Marietta!

Thank god a broken heart can heal, through meeting new and exciting people, through new experiences and things to look forward to. You have a great positive attitude!

I agree with you on music. Nothing lifts me up and cheers me up more than music. Recently I put up my own radio station on IAC and put there all the songs by Rachel & Pete along with other stuff. Such a wonderful thing...


PTfan said...

Hi Marietta. It's very nice of you to let us into your life. I just dropped in real quick to see if you were around. I spent a good amount of time crying my eyes out today. I did it on my Love's wonderful shoulder though. He's so sweet. I had to go though before I got it all out of my system. I was crying on the way home too. I had to stop because I ran out of kleenex. Oh and by the way, that's a great promotional to have a box of kleenex sold with your yet to be book. Brilliant! God bless you Dear.

AlianaDrex said...

Hey Girly! Now where did you download Sunrise? It is my favorite and I don't have it. I'll talk to you soon.

Delbut said...

Aw Marietta- A big hug and kiss from me.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, hope that you are having fun with your Mum and giving her a tour of Blogland. I send my apologies for the chat room tomorrow as I shall be in Manchester. Jill may pop in, but at the moment she doesn't know what she's doing. Regards to your Mum and have fun watching ITA and in the chat room. Mark x

Paul said...

Hi Marietta, hope to see you at the Convention in a few weeks time!