Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The last smile...

Once again you smiled at me
And my heart melted with love
Once again I touched your hand
And I had back the time that was old

Once again - don't ask me why
My hopes and dreams were back
Once again, I'm going to cry
Reality hit and killed my luck

Once again I'll be the one to cry
To lose, to share, to philosophise
Once again you will not know
I had to compromise

And that smile, that shiny smile
The one that made the night come late
I'm now going to hate
Because your smile , your shiny smile
That had been mine for just a while
Saw for the last time
And now I have to forget.

Hi, this was written last week...
I'm feeling better now :o)

See you at the chat tonight and I'll visit your blogs tomorrow!


Anne-Marie said...

What a sad poem, sweetie. I'm glad you're feeling better. See you hopefully in the chatroom later.


PTfan said...

Oh, how devastating. You communicated the heartache vividly. It's beautiful in a heart-wrenching way.
Love you

Tausha71979 said...

Hi sweet Marietta!

It was so great to see you on the chat today:) I miss posting on here, and vise versa. Please do drop a line if you want, my email is I hope to see you soon

All of my love,

jillytee said...

Sweetheart we wondered where you have been... I hope you are feeling a little better now..all our love to you
Jilly + Mark oxoxoxxo

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

What a lovely poem!
You sound so sad...

I remember having to forget...
Such heartache.

And you said it so evocatively.

I am glad you are feeling better, sweetie.

Much fun chatting with you yesterday!

Merci, mon amie.


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

Thanks for visiting my blog!
It's SO good to hear from you!

I've posted on the message board at Tony Fletcher's website, but have not since I took up Blogging.

I meant to ask how the world of non-smoking is treating you.


Koos F said...

Really sorry for you, dear. Yes there is consolation in music, glad you are aware of it.
Wish you lots of strength and insight.

Brina said...

Marietta honey, I'm struggling with a heartbreak too, and I'm really touched by what you wrote. Also, in the post above, I feel so proud of you for not returning to smoking when things got rough.

You're a strong woman and love will come again.

Hugs, Brina