Thursday, November 03, 2005

About winds and waters...

... loosely translated from the Greek ΠΕΡΙ ΑΝΕΜΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΥΔΑΤΩΝ which means "to talk about a little bit of everything, nothing specific".

Well today was a very weird day.
Firstly, last night I dreamt I won £11m on the lottery!!! Just that, and then I woke up... damn!

Then I had the weirdest day at work, when a colleague almost got beaten up by a crazy lil'ol'lady.
At 2 I was trying to have a decent break and to read three printed-out chapters of The Boy Who Heard Music (I made it!) with the wind blowing madly! I am usually seated on the terrace, the only place where staff can smoke, and I thought the wind would throw me in the air and I would be sliced in thousands of pieces by the glass roof.
My hair looked like Medusa's when I went back in the office.

All day long the numbers 11:11 or 111 were following me. Could it be that my angels are sending me a message about the £11m?
I'll post something about the 11:11 phenomenon later on, maybe on November the 11th.

I got home finally, after a lo-ong crazy day, only to find my flatmate checking on websites for crop circles and aliens!!!
"Get away from the computer" I told her "it's Rachel time!"
Unfortunately, I got home quite late and I only caught the last 30-45mins. I chatted a little bit on BallerinaGurl's chatroom, which was fun and now I'm waiting for the loop as I'm writing this...

I also listened to some of Simon's samples from his website. He's absolutely brilliant, I love his songs! I'm still waiting for his CD, come on Amazon!
Rachel's CD is coming first according to them, but it sure takes a long time!

I need my music to keep me going on, this is going to be a long, lonely week, because I'm going to miss someone very much and I'll be sad :-(

So wish me luck and courage.
I'll be blogging on Sat and Sun with some Xmasy pictures and more albums...I've got to go now, my computer is very slow and my cursor jumps from place to place and they're both getting on my nerves!
Wacky day..

Until soon,
Lots of kisses blown in the wind Blow Kiss


Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, we went out towards the end of ITA so missed you on Ballerinas chat room. Sounds like you had an eventful day. I've found Amazon not particularly good. CD Wow are excellent but only tend to sell current discs and only what they think are popular. Have to get ready for work now so will catch up later. Have a good one. Mark

jillytee said...

Hey Marietta,
don't be too sad, be happy the sun is shining at it's STOPPED RAINING !!!
Take care
J x

JoeBoy said...

Nice blog. I envy people that see things I miss. Until someone points them out to me.