Thursday, November 17, 2005

Carrots and The Hall Of Fame

I always smoke when I watch The Who.

I came home just in time for the Hall of Fame and put a blank tape in the video recorder, changed clothes, glass of wine, sat down and reached out for my...carrots!
Yep! Second day with no cigs, I am doing fine, is it the patches or psychology? I don't know.
I think my mind is set and I had so many people congratulating me, both here on my blog (thank you my sweet bloggers!) and at work and I made my sister so happy, that I can't go back now... Even when Pete came on stage to get inducted (sounds a bit saucy, doesn't it?), when I would normally light up, I was Bugs Bunnying. CRATCH, CRATCH, CRATCH.

But enough of the smoking thing. I have another blog for that...
a) Wonderful: The Who's music is finally recognised by the Brits. I was so disappointed last year when they were not even nominated, and I couldn't wait to see what and if it would happen this year. And it was great to see so many famous people, incl. talented-sexy Greek Rock God Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand to talk about how fab my boys still ARE, not just were.

b) Feeling much better: I think it might be Rachel and the Attic shows/gigs, blogging, communicating with new people, listening to great music, having fun at home with my hugely entertaining flatmate and great friend, making plans for great trips and in general keeping the excitement going, that I don't think about a certain person who hurt me so much the past few weeks. I realise that it would be better to think about our little story as a happy adventure that had to end and that's all. And yes, I've got better things to do than feeling miserable about it.

c) Shitting my pants: the Basement Jam is neigh... (sp?) and nothing can spoil that. This will be the highlight of the year and it's worth all the pain, boredom, agony and crap I had to go through for 11 months. This will be my reward for being a patient and sane girl. Thanks Santa.

and finally
d) From Saturday I'M ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!
It's only for nine days but I will do a lot of interesting things (if I can get my fingers off the keyboard and my arse off the sofa that is...) Bits and bobs to prepare the flat for remortgaging, write a bit, go out a lot, blog even more, meet friends (and strangers if I'm lucky Dumb lol) and most importantly sleeeeeeeeeep!
First thing tomorrow (promises promises, I know) is to write about the next album by.... let me see.... is it....? Yes it is... DA F**KIN' OO! I also promise to visit my fellow bloggers and say hi. You've been so sweet encouraging me!!!

Attic show was great tonight, had to watch the loop and had also a brilliant tete-a-tete with BallerinaGurl. As I said before, FAB!

I don't blog from work, so I'll see you tomorrow evening. . Same Blog Time,!


BallerinaGurl said...

Greek Goddess,

You know I love you! So have a beautiful start of your Holiday! I believe you deserve it! Oh...and have a carrot on me ~wink~


jillytee said...

Hi Marietta, just passing your way, have a great holiday and build your reserves for the Christmas rush and the Basement Jam
I'm glad I don't smoke 'cos I hate carrots !!
J x
Neigh = horses
Nigh = soon

PTfan said...

Well, well, look at that wonderful Bugs bunny cartoon. Your enthusiasm is contagious! congratulations I am so happy for you and so proud of you!

Your plans sound wonderful. Did I miss your blogs about hsi person who has hurt you so? Please either tell me the story or tell me to search your past blogs.

You are a riot. What a fun person you are.

I can't wait for your Who album write up!!!!

Did you ever watch that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? If yes, what did you think? I saw it qand thought it was hilarious! I have a greek friend from high school and it was so funny to see the similarities in that movie with her family! My friend has been married for several years now and she still lives in the same house as her mother (her father has passed away) I remember Oozo (sp) well. That stuff that tastes like licorice. I don't really like it but we stole some from her parents whern we were in high shcool to get a little buzz going. Silly teenagers.

When did you move to London and why?

Alright. Gotta get going. Have a great day.

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi there!

Glad things are rolling and going great! I agree with some of the things: Pete's book, In The Attic, blogging, getting in contact with new people through that is so inspiring. I don't find the UK Hall of Fame important myself (it's mainly promotion and I don't need anyone else to recognize my heroes) but I do agree with Alex Kapranos that the boys are fab! Btw, it's very selfish of you to take them all to yourself, calling them *my* boys, hehehe! For the pay-per-view event: I so wish I could be there at Twickenham, cursed be the distance. I will be glued to the screen though.

Enjoy your holidays!


JoeBoy said...

I hope you enjoy being on Holiday. Be safe and come home in one piece.

elizabeth solaka said...

why didn't i check your blog a long time ago?

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, good girl!!! Keep off the weed. It's late (0130) so I'm off to bed. Will Blog more tomorrow. Night night.