Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mama! Never Again!

I heard that our computers are being monitored, so no more blogging from work for me.
I might get in trouble if I do it again...
We have to use the internet for business purposes only and if I get caught...
Although I never overdo it. Only when it's extremely quiet and, usually, at the end of the day, when I've finished my chores.
But even so...I love my job and I wouldn't risk it for anything, even for my lovely bloggers.

Still, I have two full days to enjoy the Grid, since I'm not working Tue-Wed... Hurrah!

I've updated the links, hope you like them, and in the next two days I'll put more albums up.
I can't believe I'm still on A... I've got a long way to go!

Today, on my break, after remembering something that happened to me on Sat, I thought of this:
"You're a witch, a bitch and a snake
Get out of our lives, for f**k's sake!"

The rest of this greek tragedy poem in a couple of days...HE-HE-HE (evil laugh)

Sweet dreams...x


greekzoe said...

I know the feeling! Our screen savers on our computers at work say No Web Surfing!!!!!! How lame!
Oh well. They can't take it away from us at home.
I loved your Armistice(sp?) Day post. It was beautiful.
Have fun at work.

jillytee said...

Hi Marietta,
I've been enjoying your recent blogs, luckily I work from home so so don't suffer from any web bans!
Your album choices are great, trouble is (or maybe lucky me?) I remember them first time round!
See ya soon
J x

JoeBoy said...

Better to be safe than sorry at your job. Enjoyed the post on Mr. Harrison.
What a great human he was. And so many great songs.