Friday, November 25, 2005

Dank u wel, Amsterdam!

I have less than an hour left on my connection. Gaaaaa! Quickly!

Today it was raining so much that I couldn't walk... But still, I managed to walk quite a lot.

I started my day at the flower market. Because of the bad weather, a lot of flower shops were closed, but I still enjoyed the view of the pretty tulips.... I bought some bulbs for my friend's garden, she'll be thrilled.

The flower market

and me all frozen

Next I walked quite a lot through the pouring rain (and I lived a movie moment when a truck splashed water all over me!!!) to go to the Holland experience, a 3D movie that was advertised and praised. It was quite good, although I wasn't crazy about it.

Next to it though, is the Rembrandt house. Rembrant's house and studio with hundreds of paintings, etchings and some of his tools. He was also an arts dealer, so as opposed to Van Gogh, the guy was loaded. The house was huge!

This is a picture of his studio.

Don't know if I was allowed to take pictures, hehehe

After Rembrandt's house the time was 4:30. It was dark, but thankfully the rain had stopped. I started walking towards the centre again and found myself in a pretty square with restaurants and bars. I had lunch/dinner at a picturesque little italian restaurant. The food was very good and the service excellent.

Then I walked some more. I went one more time to Kalverstraat and looked through the windows - no shopping this time! I walked to Dam square and looked at the beautifully lit buildings, the Palace, the Magna Plaza...
I went down the road to see all the places I visited these past four days....
I didn't want to go to the hotel yet.

But it was freezing cold and the streets, after 6:30 were deserted. It was, unfortunately, time to take the tram back.

I will cherish these four days forever, I had a wonderful time and if I may paraphrase a well-known song, I think
I left my heart in Amsterdam!

See you from London,

Tot-ziens for the last time!

The most beautiful view I've

seen from a bridge in



PTfan said...

Spectacular! Time well spent. What a great way to start your stopping. Perfect. Safe trip home, Darling. Thanks for bringing us along with you. I very much enjoyed it.

E.L. Wisty said...


Only now was able to catch up with your travel diaries. Seems you really spent your time well! Amsterdam has long been on my list of places to visit, and reading your entries only enhanced that wish.


greekzoe said...

Hey Marietta!
I have to agree with ptfan, I feel like I've been in Amsterdam with you. Do we have to go home already?! You shoud write travelogues for a living!
have a safe trip home!

BallerinaGurl said...

The most beautiful view is YOU darling!! WOW I love that pic of the flower mart! Especially the one flower that has a bright Pink tip! LOL.

I am so happy you got refreshed while there and saw so much. WOW you were busy. But that is how a vacation should time wasted.

I am excited to chat with you when you get home. I am leaving for out of town until SUPER late Sunday evening. Our drive is so long and I am sure I will come home and crash in bed. But in case I am wired from too much caffiene in the car or sugar or something I will check to see if you are online to chat or at least pop by for a hello!

Have a lovely weekend and take a pic of some boots of yours with you wearing them, only your legs from the boots down, for me...a blog topic..will explain later!

Take care

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I, too, have been with you on your visit to Amsterdam!
The bikes made my day - I heard that you have to be careful not to get run over by cyclists there!

What a wonderful gift to yourself.
And us...

Safe trip home.