Sunday, November 20, 2005

My reward for not smoking

I am so excited!
This morning I woke up and said:
"I want to get away!"
I wrote on post-it notes six different cities:
Prague, Rome, Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona and of course Athens, folded them and stuck them on me and my flatmate picked one.


I spent all morning to find a good deal on the net and while I was doing that a thought crossed my mind: "I'm going to miss the last Attic show..." But then -duh!- most hotels have wireless internet now, so I paid a little extra for a hotel with internet access.
I'm going away on Tuesday, coming back Saturday. I'm going to try and see as much as possible. I will try and visit two museums per day, I am very happy that I will finally see the Van Gogh museum. I love Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Van Eyck.
I'll take lots of video and pictures and of course I'll blog everything with detail.
My hotel is 2 miles away from the city centre, but I can walk or take the tram.

I've been wanting to go to Amsterdam for ages now. This will be my reward for being a good girl and not smoking. The trip is going to cost me as much as a month's supply of cigarettes, so there you have it.
And no, I'm not going to smoke any cigartettes or any other stuff like the one they sell in the Amsterdam caf├ęs. I've never tried it anyway, I'm not interested.
See how good I am?
Tomorrow is packing day. I'm also going to buy a new coat because I only have a parka for the winter and I want to look very chic.

This trip sets back my other plans and things i had to do this week, but I don't care.
We only live once.


Mark T said...

You lucky so and so. That will be really good. I've never been to Amsterdam, but will go one day. Excellent news that you have not had any fags, keep it up for yourself (health and cost)more than anything else. The Brighton busking boys were quite good and had quite a few people watching. Hope that you manage to watch ITA. I'm in the hat and everything is crossed. I'm off to your no smoking blog now.

See ya!! and have fun.


PTfan said...

Marietta, you MUST go to my blog right away!

BallerinaGurl said...

RIGHT ON! You are going to have such a fab time I just know it! I am so so proud of you and happy! Now go practice your Greek pickup lines! LOL I tried to wait for you in the chat room but I guess we missed each other.

Perhaps if I have time tomorrow because Tuesday and Wednesday are out of the question, unless you count the Attic Chat! Hope to see you then sweetie! BYE!

jillytee said...

Hey Marietta, I hope you have a lovely time, you deserve a treat for being so good about not smoking!Just looking at the photo makes me want to go there.

Forgiveness = freedom and an open heart, ... it is sometimes very hard but not nearly so hard as living with anger..

enjoy! J xx

Kid Ric said...

Congratulations! Bravo! No Cigs!

What a nice gift for you. Have a wonderful time. Wish I could go along. Maybe another time.

Thanks for the compliment.

Peace, love and light to you.

JoeBoy said...

Tuff choices. Have fun. Watch what you smoke in Amsterdam.