Thursday, November 24, 2005

Retail therapy the Dutch way!

Today was fabulous. It rained all day, non stop with a strong wind that wouldn't let me open my umbrella, but I was having so much fun I didn't care.
Today was shopping day.
I started with Magna Plaza, an old post office-turned Shopping centre. A huge place full of lovely shops. My first stop was Shu Uemura where I went ballistic and bought gifts for everyone and myself of course. My poor credit card...

This is the exterior of
Magna Plaza.
What a lovely building!

And this is the interior
Photo's a bit dark, but
it was full of
Christmas lights!

I had brunch, which tasted great, in a beautiful café and then I walked to Kalverstraat, the commercial street of Amsterdam. Lovely shops, very good prices. I bought a pair of boots, so beautiful and so comfortable and with 20% discount! I was in heaven!
I spent about three hours walking in and out of shops, buying gifts, trying on clothes, talking to people... my kind of fun! There is also a beautiful shopping centre as well, with a very interesting DVD store, where I bought an old Miss Marple collection for 19.99 euros!

I found out that the famous H&M we have in England is actually a Dutch company. There were about 3 or 4 of them in Kalverstraat.

I apologise for the blurry
picture, but it was
pissing down and
my lense was all wet...

At about 4 o'clock I walked into Bijenkorf, a stunning Department store. Their Christmas decs department was so beautiful I wanted to buy everything! But I didn't buy anything else because my little suitcase can't take anything else.

So, that was pretty much it. All day walking in the rain, I'm drenched, tired but ecstatically happy!

Tomorrow my last day, I will go to the flower market and to wherever else has been left from my Dutch friend's suggestions...

Oh, and I have to try the local pancakes!

I leave you with that lovely picture of Amsterdam in the rain.


greekzoe said...

So much fun, so little time!! I am so glad you are having such a great time. Shopping in the rain is the best! It gives you an excuse to stay in the stores longer.
Amsterdam looks beautiful even in the rain.
Hope your last day is a good one! Hope your credit card doesn't melt!

BallerinaGurl said...

hey honey! Off to bed here, I am thrilled you are enjoying every min. Keep us posted to every detail. I am living this through you and LOVING the photos! Do an audio blog they are so much fun!!

Much love!

PTfan said...

You are so smart. See, I would never have had the forethought as to things not fitting in my suitcase. I would have just bought and then had a problem bringing it all home. You go girl!!!!!! I'm loving it! This probably IS my trip to Amsterdam. Thanks for letting me go.

PTfan said...

Hey, did you go to that Rioger show that Paul mentioned in your last blog?