Monday, November 07, 2005

Too many things to watch/hear/write

How can I express my thoughts?

What music does to me?

What feelings a song, a voice, a chord creates to me?

It feels something like that on the left...

Yes, 7th of November the new Who DVD of Tommy and Quadrophenia is out and of course it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up.
Got it at work (with staff discount, he he) and after a very long boring day I came home to watch it. It's fantastic! I'm watching Quadrophenia right now and it's soooo good!
Pete and Roger on top form, John perfect as always, Simon singing amazingly The Dirty Jobs, Rabbit smiling and looking great, Zak looking like a little boy, drumming away so worthy of his double legacy, and Billy Idol as a unique Ace Face. Lord have mercy!
It's a pity I've never caught the show live, but I was in Greece, boo hoo...

But, as I was watching the first few songs, I noticed, hmmm I had mail. Snail mail that is. Yes, effing bills as always, but on top of them a small cardboard box... It was Rachel's CD! Finally! After almost a month since I've ordered it. So now I was confused... Do I watch the DVD or do I listened to the CD? Or both?

I decided to watch the Quad DVD and right after listen to Rachel, while transferring it to my MP3 player. In a burst of sudden enthusiasm I wrote a comment at Rachel's blog, for which she must think I'm a wacko! But that's what music does to me... When I'm happy I have to tell people!

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