Friday, November 11, 2005

The 11:11 phenomenon and other wacky numbers

Today is 11/11. So? You might say.
Well, if you don't know what 1111 does, don't worry, it might start happening to you too.

For me it all started when my flatmate told me that everytime a friend of hers sent her a message, the time would be either 11:11 or 22:22 or 1:11 and so on. Or she would look at the clock and the time would be 11:11, 2:22 etc.
I said "wow, amazing!" but I thought "ahm, weirdo!"

Until it started happening to me. I have to confess the very first time I planned it. It was 11:10 and waited until the clock changed.
Next thing I know, the number started following me.
It happens quite often, at work especially, when for no reason I will look at the computer's clock, BOOM! there they are, the four pillars... of the apocalypse.
I see it quite often now and everytime I want to scream. I also see 111 in bulding numbers, just on the bus and my eyes will catch it, or in tickets, receipts etc. It's EVERYWHERE.

Because it's a regular thing now I can only remember a few specific instances.
One day one of my colleagues arrived at work and I wanted to check the time, it was 11:11.
It was one of the first times and it gave me a punch in the stomach.

I told my manager. She said "nah, you're making this up!"
A few days later she told me it happened to her. And kept happening. We had a meeting once and she had to check her emails. She started screaming "Oh, my God! Look at the time!"
It was of course 11:11.
She also told me that she told her mother and now she's experiencing too.
It's spreading...

And then it started with the 2s and other numbers as well.
One evening I missed my 21:52 train only to catch the 22:22.
At work I always look at the clock when, coincidentally it's 5:15, but then again it's because I love that song so much, lol.

A message from my sister was sent to me on August 22, at eight past ten.
22/08 - 22:08!

I really don't know what all this means. Is it good or bad? My flatmate says these are messages from our angels. Who knows? It might be just pure coincidence and I shouldn't really give any notice, but it is a weird recurring coincidence, it makes me think of a book I read last summer The Celestian Prophecy.
There are millions of people around the planet that experience the same things, hundreds of websites (here's a good one), Uri Geller has written about it, magazine articles have been written and even two movies are being made.

The day: 11/11, the time: 11:11. Can't get more freaky...

Please tell me if and when you had or will have your first 11:11 experience.
I will be coming back to check your comments , so even if you have it in a month or in two years, I will be waiting!



Mike S said...

Oly freakzoid,Marietta!Ever since
I turned 22 back in '86 for
some odd reason I notice that
the time would read 2:22 or 22:22
so very often when I looked at
a clock or a watch! Til this day
it happens time and time again.
I wonder if I transfixed my mind
on another set of numbers like
555,would I seem to start noticing
that more often than 222?Hmmm..
very interesting indeed! Nice
to be on Molly's chat with you
during the Attic the other day.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, I choose a nuber every year that I think will be lucky for the year. A few years ago it was eleven and loads of good things happened where the number eleven was linked. Either eleven as the number or by adding up the numbers it came to eleven. Weird. Anyway, Jills off to see her son in Somerset and I'm Blogging and watching MTV. Great stuff!! Mark

Kid Ric said...

Geez, I have been having 11:11 experiences for so long I can't remember when they started. I believe it is a good sign. Kind of like my Son and I seeing the doves today. I have been told that 11:11 is a sign from the angels also. And that it is lucky. Just look at you and your luck. Lucky you being on the guest list for the Basement jam. Smile.

Peace, love and light to you and yours.

BallerinaGurl said...

spooky indeed! Maybe it is a sign for you to go back to Greece!! Then you can catch up on the hotest phrases and speak more Greek to me! LOL

Marietta said...

Me going back to Greece?
As much as I love my beautiful country, I can't imagine myself going back.
London is my home now and I plan to keep it like that.
May my angels from 11:11 or 22:22 help me to stay in my dreamtown...

As for Greek expressions I've got loooads, I can teach you one every week, Molly!

PTfan said...

Speaking of Greek, I thought it was hilarious about your Greek spitting garlic comment! You rock!

As for numbers, I notice things like that everyu once in a great while, it's neat. Something though that always catches me is when I see the time at 4:44. I was just a little girl then, but the US hostages were in Iran for 444days. I remember that because I was small but I wrote President Carter about it telling him in little kid terms to get some balls and go get our people out of there.

Great day to you. Thanks for all of your sweetness over on my blog.

greekzoe said...

I don't have an 11:11 or a 2:22. Mine is an 8:18 or a 2:32. I can look at the clock and there they are. Or on car tags. Or addresses on mailboxes. Anywhere!
Strange. These numbers do have a meaning. 8:18 was the time my daughter Emma was born and 2:32 was the time of her death. It has been following me for the past 14 years.
Maybe it is her way of saying remember me. Who knows.