Thursday, November 10, 2005

Communication Breakdown

This was not fun!
Day off tomorrow, early finish today, came home flying from joy!
Got in on time, logged on, started watching the show and chatting on BG's chatroom. Suddenly, my screen freezes and I realise I had to reboot.
I did.
Chorus: Logged on again, after 10 minutes (my computer works on coal!) started watching the show, logged on to BG's chat, it appeared that I was still there, so I signed in as Marietta2. Posted a phrase, computer crashed again.
Repeat Chorus.
Third time lucky?
Yeah you bet ya! I logged on and saw 3 secs of Roger, as soon as I signed in at the chatroom, I crashed again. So no Roger interview for me Mean
Hopefully there'll be a loop. Prrrrleeease, Rachel!

Tomorrow is a scary day, 11/11 I will write something about it...
See ya


Mark T said...

Our feed was not too good. We were about two minutes behind everyone. It's good fun in the chat room though. Have a good 11/11. Mark

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Maria

Wanted to thank you for your two posts in my blog. Weather is uncommonly warm for Finland for this time of year: about +8 C. Normally it would be well below zero. On one hand I like it, on the other not because it just means everything is dark and dreary. The snow would at least bring some light.

Have to admit I'm not thoroughly familiar with the Greek tragedies, just having read some plays by Euripides and currently am using some references to "barbarians" in his plays in my research. I love the comedy. Play called Lysistrata by Aristophanes, now that's actually a feminist play - women take active, strong role to stop the war.

I'm very sure Athens has changed much since 2003. They were building everywhere when I was there, and finished a new metro line during my stay. Really have to visit again! I'm sure I will at some point for research purposes at least.

Take care,


BallerinaGurl said...

If you are up watching then head into my chat room right now...I know super early in the AM here but I am blogging so I don't have to over this busy weekend and I could say hello!