Monday, October 31, 2005

A Quick One

I decided to do two things with The Who's albums:

  • Not go on and on about each song, because I have transferred all the songs from every Who album anyway…
  • Include a little story connected with the album. And you can post your stories in the comments section.

I get crazy with two songs from this album, because by listening to them I had the most romantic experience of recent years…
“So Sad About Us” and “A Quick One”. It’s all over now and it really hurts when I listen to them, especially “So Sad About Us”. The opening notes are like two hard slaps on my face. I usually change the song, that’s how much it hurts. It is though, my favourite song of the album and the video from Maximum R’n’B, with Keith being so gorgeous, is one my favourite Who videos.

What's your story?

LISTEN TO IT: on the way to work is one idea, or on the way back is even better, especially when on "Quick One" they sing "We'll soon be home" I think I do every single day. Oh, who am I kidding? I can listen to it all the time...

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Hey Marietta,
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