Monday, October 24, 2005

My cat and my thoughts

This is my cat Koukou. She is 15 years old. The photo was taken at our summer house in the greek island of Spetses.
Koukou had a rough winter, because she had a tumor under her mouth, but after succesful surgery she is her old sweet, cheeky and fat self.

She loves the sun, ham and fish, but last summer I found out that she takes a bit from me as the following picture will show.

One day I went into my bedroom to see this.
I didn't set up this. I had my Who t-shirt (one of many!) on my bed and I found my cat sleeping so sweetly on it.
This site was just too good to miss, so I took a picture to show the world.

Koukou lives with my mother in Greece, and mom tells me that she is eating as much as always (too much!) and her hair has grown back-we had to shave her for the operation and she looked like a lion!

I miss her, but my mom puts her on the phone (!!!!) and I call her name and I can hear her purring.
She is a very intelligent creature.

Well, she's got to be, since she likes The Who!

I just want to say a few words for all the people in Florida.
I have been to your state and I think it's gorgeous. It reminded me of a very rich Greece!
I'd like to let you know that I'm praying for you, I know what it means facing nature's wrath. I've been through a terrible earthquake in Greece, that made me realise life is way too short and we must enjoy every second. Two weeks later I came to London to fulfil my dream.

So, keep strong, be safe, pray and think of the better days that are coming.

God Bless.

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Brina said...

Hi Marietta,

Your kitty is sweet and obviously very well loved. It's good that she's recovered from her surgery. She must be a happy girl.

Thanks for posting on my blog. My horrible awful day ended on an up note, and today's already better.

See you in the Attic! (Your kimono photo is prettier than my bedtime photo, I think you had more energy in yours, I was beat!)