Sunday, October 23, 2005

I (Really) Had Enough

Today, was crap, crap, crappity crap.

Not only I had to work on a Sunday, but also there were no trains to central London, so I was late for work and got lectured (yawn, bliah, zzzz, bdddd) and then I had the nastiest and most scary customer in my career. He even took my name to report me, when I didn't do anything wrong but following my company's policies.
I hate when that happens.

On my break I put "I Had Enough" from Who Are You and Simon Townshend's "Save Me From Me" so loud on my MP3, people were looking at me in a funny way

Then it took me two hours to get back, but I went out with my friend Angela (the one who's painted
The Mod Couple) and got pissed. Got home again and decided to blog until I drop which is quite soon.

And tomorrow... back to work... All together now "Well, it's a bitter-sweet symphony, that's liiife"

Nighty - night.

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