Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Mod Couple

What can I say about this painting?
First of all I didn't paint it. I wish I could paint like that.
This was done by a friend of mine, to symbolise an ideal situation for me.
It's the 60's and Keith Moon and me are riding on his scooter for a night out in the centre of London. I'm going to sit somewhere near the stage and watch Keith playing with The Who. Or, we're just going out to have a good time together.

That would be... if I could travel back in time!

My friend researched a lot to capture the colours and atmosphere of the era. The scooter's mirrors are based on Ace's scooter in Quadrophenia. My clothes are from advertisements of the 60's.

I gave her lots of Keith's pictures and I think she's done a brilliant job.

The painting has been hanging on my wall for two years, but every time I look at it, I find another interesting detail.

Please notice that the only record that the music store is selling is by The Who, and the Flamingo Jazz club at the back.

And, I've never asked her: The K M on the scooter, do they mean Keith Moon, or Keith and Marietta?


Kid Ric said...
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Kid Ric said...

Saw your post on Rachel's blog and just thought I would say hello. Great stuff about the Beatles. You and Simon, excellent pic. Yes I can see the happy you. Thanks. Peace.