Sunday, October 30, 2005


Star 18

I went to the Cast and Crew premiere of Harry Potter today.
I was a guest from one of my good friends and I really enjoyed the film and the atmosphere. I know, I know, I'm a grown up, but with Harry's books and films I feel like a kid again!

I can't say anything because the film is not out yet, just one thing:
Go see it! Wizards Hat

Back to the real world, I'm working all week long and unfortunately I won't be able to watch In The Attic live, hopefully there will be a loop, so there you go. Grrrrrr!

And tomorrow I'll post my Quick One thingy, I can't tonight I'm too excited and a bit knackered from the HP experience...

Happy Halloween Witch and
Have a good week!


BallerinaGurl said...

All my nieces and nephews are total fans of Harry Potter. I only saw the first film, but I am sure with my kids it will come into our home at some point. We are at Spiderman and Cinderella right now.

PTfan said...

Knackered is a great word!!!

Sounds like a very cool experience!

Nope, I didn't paint that duck. It's Daffy Duck painted by Chuck Jones, the animator.

Gotta run!

Brina said...

Marietta, hello!

Don't despair. I can't watch "In the Attic" live this week either, as Thursday is too complicated a day for me to sit still by the computer when they are going live. I will watch it on loop, like you. We can be loopy together.



Mark T said...

There is a new book out on Keith Moon called Instant Party. Knowing that you are a big fan of his I thought you may like to know about. You must of had a great time at the HP premiere. It's nice to go to these restricted access events ocasionally isn't it. Mark