Friday, October 28, 2005

54 Hits Of The 60s

One of the few compilation CDs from the 60s that I have.

I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I grew up listening to this kind of music, my mother and father were champions in Rock'N'Roll dancing back in our hometown in Greece, during the 60s and our record collection was full of originals.

Unfortunately a flood in my sister's garage has destroyed most of them (that reminds me of a Friends episode) and now I try to make my own collection.

Although this triple CD has zillions of songs (well, 54) I chose to transfer the following three:

Vicky Carr: IT MUST BE HIM - First heard that song in Moonstruck and I wanted to find it. It took me a few years, but finally I found it last year! Kept me company through a harsh winter...

Jan & Dean: SURF CITY - Any Beach Boyish sound is good to me, takes me to California and sea and sun. Loving the harmonies too!

PJ Proby: SOMEWHERE - A classic song. This version is a bit too much for me, I think I prefer the Bobby Darrin one (or even better the short segment by Keith in The Kids Are Alright!) but it still is a grandiose song.

In the next couple of days, ladies and gentlemen, I will present you with the first Who album on the list. I will try not to exaggerate with exclamation marks, although it will be tough! There, I did it again.

Watch this space...


Kid Ric said...

Hey Marietta,

That sure is an oldie but a goodie that's for sure. A true classic.

Peace, love and light.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, Thanks for your comments. As you didn't get a chance to interrogate me at The Bedford I thought I'd tell you about some of my 'close encounters' with Who members. I saw Keith Moon in the back of his Bentley (it may have been a Roller) just down the road from the Palladium either in the late 60s early 70s. PT and Roger brushed past me at the Marquee club one Saturday afternoon in 1965ish. I saw them on the same bill as Chuck Berry at The Albert Hall the same day that The Stones did their free Hyde Park gig for Brian Jones. Whenever I am in London I always stop for 15 minutes outside PTs house. Don't know what I would do if he came out (probably nothing) The sixties were something special and it's nice to see people that weren't alive then enjoying the music of that period. Sound like a right oldie don't I. Anyway have a nice weekend. Hope you're not working. Mark