Sunday, October 30, 2005

Is it 1 or 2 am I'm confused...

Just a quick goodnight before my beauty sleep, because tomorrow it's a very special day and I need to look good.
Blogging keeps me awake, but it's so much fun...

Adieu to yeu, and yeu, and yeu :-)


BallerinaGurl said...

Hey Marietta!

Thanks for the comments girl! Loved it! Yes don't you love my attempt at Warhol! It is pretty pathetic! I didn't even get to the pop art bit where I change the colors before I got frusterated. It was just super late and I had no patience! LOL What a laugh.

Well I am not so much a Who Fan. I go in phases with music I like. Usually it is whatever inspires me that month, day, week, several catch my drift! I do like the Who, more so I like Pete solo and I just bought Simon's Cd's so I really love his voice and music. I also love Rachel. She is more what I listen to and have for a long time. GO WOMEN! I like things like Lillith Fair and then the funky R&B stuff as well. I think it is because I dance and it inspires me. I did a ballet to two of Madonnas tracks three years ago and got a standing ovation both times so that is me and what I live for in the world of music. BUT I have a fantastic hisband who likes Floyd, Depeche Mode, Metallica, and even The black eyed a major mix with the two of us.

OK rambled on So come chat with us on Wed during the show in my chat room! Would love to get to know you better! perhaps meet when I am in the UK sometime! I love all my global friends!!

Take care!

greekzoe said...

Hey Marietta!
Just saying Hello from Sweden.
Thanks for the comment.
The temp here is about 10 or 12 C.
Whatever that means. Us Americans are not used to using Centigrade and the metric system. So I am totally not in the car when it comes to that.
Where in Athens did you live? My husband is from Athens. He lived in Petralona. I think Kato Petralona.
Well I am off!
We are going to the IKEA store.
Take care!

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, hope you enjoyed the extra hours sleep. Good photos of PT and RD on Ross Halfins site. They were taken last week. Here is the link