Sunday, October 23, 2005

Morning All

It's a Sunday and I have to work...(agrrrrrr)
So, just a quick word as I drink my coffe and before I get ready.

I woke up with Foy's voice in my head singing "I'm One". Beats the stupid alarm tid-tid-tid-tid!

It's great to see people posting on my blog, thank you all so very much.
Wait until I start talking about Who albums... It will be difficult not to repeat myself with "amazing", "spectacular", "breathtaking". I love their music so much, it drives me nuts.
I suppose the first one will be A Quick One? I haven't checked yet.

I will continue with more albums later today, maybe if it's quite at work I'll do it from there and pray I don't get caught...

For those of you lucky enough not to be working on a Sunday, enjoy it.
For us who do have to work, well, it's only a day and it will pass.

Take care.

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