Friday, October 21, 2005

I just love it...

Here's an old picture of me in Manhattan in 1993. Isn't it amazing that I'm standing right in front of TOMMY poster for the Broadway production? I didn't see that until recently... Posted by Picasa

I am staying up just to improve my blog... I know it's addictive!
Tomorrow I will post my next two albums from my MP3 player. I can only say they start with numbers, something like 1962. 'Nuff said!

Just a little moan though, for the Blogmeister: you have a few languages with which blogs can be written... What about...Greek? After all Greece was the place that gave birth to Civilization, culture, literature, theatre. And it's called the alphabet: Alpha - Beta.
Just a suggestion for the future.

Thank you all for visiting
and have a good night.

See ya

1 comment:

greekzoe said...

Yeah, what about Greek?
Greek bloggers unite!