Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kimono's off!

Quick post before I go to bed.

A great show from Rachel tonight, In The Attic, in pyjamas.
She invited a new group called The Vibrants, who played two very good songs.

Mikey and Rachel, as always were great, hearing "Without Your Love" again made me so happy...

Then the mysterious Bernard, who, according to other bloggers must have been Pete's son Joseph, played on the guitar and I got goosebumps! Will this family ever stop to amaze me?

Simon Townshend's songs, "Until Tomorrow" and "Time Is A Healer" were magnificent! Simon's got such an amazing voice. Every time I hear him singing I feel soooo good...

Pete did not sing, but he shared some really funny stories from his childhood and also about Mama Kaas and Keith Moon. People who know me, know how crazy I am about Keith, and just listening to Pete talking about him just made my day!!! I was glued, I didn't even breathe...

Off to bed now, although not sleepy at all. Very early wake up call tomorrow, bliaaaaah.
Can't wait for next week's show with special guest star, none other than Mr Roger Daltrey!!!!
Rachel's blog will be flooded!

Good night all...


jillytee said...

Hi Marietta, just seen your blog, lovely kimono.
I was with Mark at the Bedford taking the pics....what a fab night!
The Attic was great, but we were watching it in bed and I fell asleep towards the end!!

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, thanks for your comments on my blog. Wasn't it a great night and letting you stand in front was no problem at all. I have been a Who fan since the sixties and it is really great that you are into them. They have always been classed as a blokes band but so much of their music can apply to both sexes I think more females should at least listen to it. Blog soon.

sprogtee said...

Hi im new to this blogging, i was bought up with the who, my dad was a fan from as far back as i can remember.

sprogtee said...
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sprogtee said...

I see you put on another blog how true love never dies. maybe not but how many people have been hurt in the process is what i would like to know!!!!

Kid Ric said...
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Kid Ric said...

Hi Marietta,

Nice kimono!

Yea incredible show last night. Joseph was fabtastic. The show actually inspired Rachel's song. I would be in pure ecstasy if it made to her show next week. With Roger? Wow what a thought. Thanks.

I love the picture of you and Keith very cool.

Sorry the last delete was me. Dolp!

Peace, love and light.

Kid Ric said...

P.S. I'm still gleaming over Mikey mentioning me and giving me the thumbs up last night. He is sooo cool.

PTfan said...

Oh man Marietts. I was thinking too about the Townshend's. Goodness, so much talent. Crazy!


Simon always gets so into his songs and when he does, he just takes us along with him, doesn't he? Ahh.

Kid Ric said...

Just cruised by to say hi.


Kid Ric said...

Greta seeing you at Ballerina Gurl's chat. See you next week?

You lucky lady!!!

My Son and I were blessed today with the sight of two white doves flying together. I put pictures up on my blog to share with you.

Peace, love and light to you and yours.