Sunday, October 23, 2005

20th Century Masters: Brenda Lee & Bo Diddley

There you go... two albums for the price of one blog


SWEET NOTHIN'S - Sexy man at the beginning whispers into Brenda's ears sweet nothin's. Well, it just reminds me of a similar situation (blush). Her voice is so jazzy and suggestive. Great song

ALL ALONE AM I: or in Greek MH TON ROTAS TON OURANO. (Don't Ask The Sky) This is actually written by a famous Greek composer, Manos Hadjidakis. It's a beautiful song, I was looking for it when I heard it on a Greek show back in 1997. "All alone am I ever since your goodbye, all alone with just the beat of my heart." After sweet nothin's it's sweet f...k all isn't it?

LISTEN TO IT: While being very much in love.


ROADRUNNER - I had to have it. I can imagine Keith, all dressed in ginger, doing his best, pulling his faces, smashing the bass pedal, getting the job. The Bo Diddley version is not bad either, lol

LISTEN TO IT: I love listening to music while I'm driving and this is one of the best tunes to accompany your journey.

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