Friday, October 21, 2005

Can you see the happy me? Can ya? Can ya?

Simon Townshend and a very happy girl...

On Tuesday October the 18th in The Bedford at Balham, Rachel Fuller gave a concert with special guests including Pete Townshend and his brilliant little brother, Simon, Foy Vance and Michael Cuthbert.

The show was amazing! All the performers were unique, all the songs fabulous. Really good music, the kind I love.
I could not believe my luck for being there.
I saw my beloved Pete performing, something that I have been yearning for the past year and seven months, since I saw The Who at the RAH, and he was breathtaking.
Favourite Pete moment: Greyhound Girl and of course the finale, with all of the performers singing I'm One. I was flying!

At some point during the evening, Simon was standing behind me.
I did a double-take!
I had just seen him performing, and I had watched him on Rachel's show In The Attic and I really loved his songs (well, it looks talent runs in the family.)
So, I snatched the opportunity and I asked Simon to take a picture with me. Happy, happy, happy!

Next morning I was late for work, but I didn't care.
All day I was thinking and trying to re-live the magic of the previous night. Thank God for Rachel's show on Who TV. She had Pete and Simon as guests, Pete doing "Greyhound Girl" one more time (for me??? lol) and Simon singing a fantastic song "Girl In New York". Once more, my jaw dropped!
At the end she showed the finale of the Bedford concert. W-O-W!

The show will be on loop for this weekend, I don't know how many times I'll watch it.
I would highly recommend it.


SimonT said...

Hi Marietta! Cool blog. Explains events at the Bedford pretty well and not a bad pic considering the time of night. Thanks for visiting and having me visit.

greekzoe said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like you had great fun. I enjoy reading your blog. The Beatles are one of my favorites(from previous post).
Take care!

Mike S said...

Nice review,great photo Marietta!

PTfan said...

Whoa! So jealous but so happy for you!!!! Hooray for you!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Marietta said...

Thank you all!

It's great to blog...ha ha
And Simon answering my blog...
Well, I can die happy now ;-)

Lucky Buck said...

Lucky luck girl!
Nice blog, too.


Brina said...

Hi again, Marietta! I'm so happy you got to be at the live show, and the photo is priceless. Happy girl, indeed!



Cool pic....looks like Simon was trying to get to 2nd base there!!