Saturday, December 31, 2005


January: My New Year's Day starts fantastically at 2am, with a lovely text message from a beloved person... Things were looking up!

February: The text message was just that, so I tried to move on by going to my hometown, Thessaloniki with my mom and having a lovely time.

Me and mom at Thessaloniki's beautiful sea-side city centre.

March: A very good friend of mine, Angela, moves in with me. I'm her Chandler and she's my Joey, as she is a struggling background artist! We are going to have fun!

April: Easter holidays take me to the Greek Orthodox Church in Bayswater, where I meet a long lost Greek friend!

May: My family comes to London and we paint the town red. On the 21st of May, Greece wins the Eurovision song contest with the song My Number One. (click at the title to download and listen)
On the 22nd, my birthday, mom and I go to Oxford to celebrate!

Helena Paparizou, the winner for Greece!

June: Beautiful summer brings sunshine and new hopes.

July: On the 2nd I am working, but just around the corner, in Hyde Park a big party with the biggest names in music, including The Who, is taking place, for Live8. After work, I take a walk around the park and I can hear Bob Geldoff singing I don't like Mondays.
On the 6th, London wins the bid for the Olympics of 2012. I am happy for my favourite city and tears start to flood my eyes.
The next day I get a text message: "WHOLE TUBE IS OUT. Buses are mobbed" As I reach Victoria station the news starts to unfold: London has been struck by terrorists. There are over 100 victims. I walk to work and I can hear sirens around me. The tears flood my eyes for my city again. "London is beautiful, London is strong", I think. The city comes back united after a few days, only to face another bombing. I keep on going to work by foot. I am scared, but not discouraged.

August: I spend a fantastic summer holiday at my beautiful island, Spetses.
And when I come back to London, things start looking up again...

September: ... but it's only for a little while, it was just an illusion, as the song says.

October: reading Pete's website and through The Shout I find out about Rachel Fuller and her In The Attic show. She also has something called a "blog"???? and Pete has one too, for his novella. I go to their "blogsites" and one night I watch the Attic show. My life will never be the same again.
Before I know it I start sending messages to Rachel, showing my admiration for her talent. Next thing I'm in a club, attending a FREE concert with Rachel, Pete, his brother Simon, the talented Foy Vance and the blossoming Mikey. Happy again!
Two days later I become a blogger myself, mainly to talk about my favourite songs and artists.
But, what amazes me is that blogging makes me feel creative and sometimes confessional, which is very therapeutic for me, plus, I make new friends from all over the world! :o)
The month ends with the cast and crew premiere of Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire

November: on the 16th of the month and in a very spontaneous way I make the sober decision to quit smoking! I have never looked back since then and my decision takes me to Amsterdam.
I spend five fantastic days and I even throw my patches away!

December: the month couldn't start better. On the 4th of the month me and another 80 bloggers attend another FREE concert given by Rachel and the Attic stars. I make the decision to approach Rachel, which proves to be most rewarding. Sweet Rachel introduces me to my idol, the man whose music is the best thing I've ever heard, Pete Townshend! I still don't believe it.
After that no matter happens, I face it with a big smile and courage...

So that was the year that was... What remains to be said is just a



Anne-Marie said...

Hi Marietta,

We're off to a 70s disco costume NYE party in a few hours and you're about to hit midnight! I really enjoyed reading your recap of 2005 and think it's a great idea. I may well copy your idea and do my own "Year In Review".

I just want to say how fantastic it is that you've quit smoking (I know how hard that is, as I managed it in 1986) and that you've carved out this new life in London.

Here's to a fantastic 2006 for you!


E.L. Wisty said...

Wow, you definitely have had lots happening this year. Hopefully 2006 continues in the same vein, except with positive happenings only!

Happy New Year!


Dale said...

Happy New Year, Marietta!

If I have my overseas time right, it's 12:30 a.m. in London.
It sounds like you had a bit of a roller coaster year all right!
Mine was a pretty good year, all told.
We are having take-out Chinese food for supper, then (get this) going to bed!
So we can beat all the hangovers to the ski hill...

I hope for all the best for you in 2006, my good blogging Friend.
It is a neat place to be!


Nabonidus said...

I liked your year-end wrap-up,and also I agree with you about how nice the blogging experience has been. :)
Hope even better things happen for you in 2006. xoxoLisa

Tausha71979 said...

Hey Marietta!

Happy New Years! Love your timeline, great idea:) I hope that you are having a wonderful night, also I can't wait to see your New Year's resolution. I did start early, I had to make sure I had a plan this year;)


rm said...

Hello from Australia! lol

I just stumbled across your blog. Wow what a year you've had! Sometimes when you write it all down like that you realise just how much has happened and how much you've been up to. Hope you have an even better 2006.

I agree totally about blogging being theraputic and (in my case occasionally) creative. I find it gives me clarity - thinking about stuff enough to put it into sentence form can really have it's benefits.

Happy New Year


neilbymouth said...

great blog marietta- the most prolific poster on rachels site, great blogg, happy new year

Neil x

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I really enjoy reading your Blog. You put so much effort into it, it's really nice. Well a New Year, will it be any different from last year? We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully we'll all meet up again at a RF gig or if not a WHO gig. Had a late night (or early morning) as we did not get to bed 'til 0400 so I'm a bit bleary eyed. May your year be extra special. Mark

jillytee said...


jillytee said...


AlianaDrex said...

It is 9:30 in the morning here. You are six hours ahead which means that you are hopefully about to get off work. See, I was thinking about you working on New Years day! So sorry!
I hope you get the good luck this year. We are about to cut our Greek Bread to see who gets the coin. Do you do that?
Have a great year!

Mike S said...

Happy New Year 2006 Marietta!!!

Johanna in Vista said...

What a great year!!!

Here's to a great year in 2006!!


Johanna in Vista

Tausha71979 said...

Hello Dear Marietta!

I hope that all is well! I haven't visited blogs in awhile, & I feel ashamed of myself:( I can't wait for Sunday's chat, I hope that you are able to attend! Also, I wanted to ask a favor, if you have been to Rachel's blog you see that she now has a myspace page. I was wondering if you would mind me using some of your photos from her gig? I am working on a new picture thing & would love to use them! If not I understand, please let me know

xxlove Taushaxx