Friday, December 23, 2005

When will it end?

I am so tired.

And I'm working tomorrow

And Christmas Eve!!!!

My bones are hurting, I am half asleep all the time and I have no energy, not even to speak to my family on the phone. They call me to tell me news from home and I hang up on them quickly, I'm not in the mood and I feel so bad about it.

I just want to stay home, drink my hot tea/coffee/chocolate, watch silly TV programmes, listen to my music and blog...

I am behind with my Christmas gift buying, I need to spend some time for my card writing (now!!!???) and there is no time to do anything.

I only write here, because it feels so good when I do, and I do it always before I go to bed... I would like to thank everyone who visits and leaves comments here, I will visit soon too!

If only those hours go back to normal-crazy, because now they are plain crazy!

In the meantime, take care and enjoy the festive week!!!!


Mike S said...

Hi Marietta,

I'm so sorry that you are working
so hard right up to Christmas.
I just want to wish you the
very Merry Christmas and a very
Happy New Year 2006!

greekzoe said...

I hope the next few days get better for you. I know what you mean about the phone calls. There are times when i just don't feel like talking.
I'm sorry you have to work the next two days but cheer up. I have to work on Saturday from 8am until 11pm and on Xmas day 8am to 11pm.
I will miss the entire holiday:(
Have a great Xmas.
P.S. Who is the cute doggie?

Rich Greiner said...

Never talked to someone from Geece, I used to spend my holidays selling Christmas trees, 1st year in about 14 I haven't so I am blessed for all, Merry Christmas, Rich

jillytee said...

Hey Marietta! Hang in there not long to go now, please say you're not working boxing day??!!??
Surely even H must give it's workers some time off....
Jill xox

BallerinaGurl said...

OMG I do NOT miss the corporate world AT ALL! This reminder of how tired you are takes me back and I must leave your blog now or I will vomit....LOL kidding...I think :)

Nah, you know I love you! MY Greek goddess!!

Have a good, er..better day!

Kid Ric said...

Merry Christmas!

I am always behind at Christmas. Just wouldn't feel right, I guess, if I wasn't. Smiles. It will all be over soon and back again soon enough. So sorry about your long work hours. Big Christmas hugs!

Happiest of happy holidays to you and your family!

The Journey - Day Three is up. Wanted to leave good thoughts about Evan for the Holidays.

After New Year chat at BallerinaGurls'. Check her blog or mine for the date and time.

Peace, love and light

Tausha71979 said...

Hello Marietta,

I'm sorry to hear how tired you are, I understand. I hope that it all eases up for you soon. It's a bummer to work on the holidays, isn't it! I'm sorry about that, it'll be ok:) The doggy is so cute, I want to pet him/her! I hope that you have a good holiday week, regardless of what crap is going on, that's important:)

Take Care Sweets!

E.L. Wisty said...

Oh, for your sake I wish Christmas was during the week, not in the weekend. You'd get some days off :/

Hang in there! Merry Christmas and blessings for New Year! *hugs*

Kid Ric said...

Well. I have pondered the question ank I guess probably mever. Or at least I hope not for a long, long time. Hahaha.

Here this is for you. You can read my manuscript in Greek! Copy and paste this into a browser. Smiles.

Peace, love and light to you and yours.

Kid Ric said...

Gee wiz my spelling is atrocious.

I invented a new contraption to boom my keyboard anywhere I want it and it bounces some what when I type. Back to the drawing board. Teehee.

Peace, love and light.

greekzoe said...

I just want to wish you a very Μerry Christmas. Or as it is said in Greek Χριστουγεννα!
Ηave a great weekend!!

ADAM said...


I'm sorry to hear that you are having to work so hard. I know it's easy to say but as a chef who has worked through many a Christmas we had a phrase " Do it and it's done!"
I hope when you do get time that you will put your feet up and relax for a well earn break.
I wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!