Monday, December 19, 2005

The belle of the fall.

It was magical, it was fantastic, the music was great the decorations spectacular, the food delicious and the atmosphere very Christmasy.
When I walked into the Great Room in the Grosvenor House Hotel, everybody was there, dressed beautifully. Long evening dresses in all colours for the ladies, the hair up in complicated signons, jewlery that sparkled, high heels and fancy bags. All the men where very handsome in their tuxedos.
I had my hair down, a change from the past years, where I always had it up. I just had highlights done on Saturday and I wanted to show them off!!!

Some went a bit OTT...!!!

oh... and that's me.

The tables were richly decorated in linen tableclothes and elegant candlesticks, the whole room was illuminated by huge chandeliers and behind the stage there was a black curtain covered in tiny blue lights, giving the illusion of the night sky.
Beautiful, I was so happy.
I was also happy to see that there were instruments on the stage which meant that a band was going to play, and I was wishing it would be the same band as last year.

Me and my colleagues sat down and the food was served. A delicious mushroom and asparagus tart, an "amuse bouche" strawberry sorbet, and as a main course chicken in red wine sauce with potato and ryner beans. The desert was a luscious lemon pie with bluberries, covered in raspberry sauce. I am writing and droolling here...!

And...when the coffee and chocolates were served, the band started playing. YES! The wonderful band from last year was singing "Disco Inferno" and everybody was on their feet.
Before I knew it someone grabbed my hand and took me to the dancefloor. The band was playing "Somebody Else's Guy" and I was flying! It's been some time since I've been out to dance and I've missed it. I was going to dance all night.

The wonderful band: powerful sound and fab songs from ten musicians who know what party means

And then the slapstick comedy started.
Firstly, while I was dancing a lady wearing stilleto heels stepped on me with all her strength.
I swear to God I have a round, 1cm diameter mark on my foot. I screamed and lost my balance. My dancing partner was ready to punch the lady but she apologised right away, and I could see she meant it. She steered clear the rest of the night...

The dancefloor, as you can see in the picture above, was packed.
It was getting hot and stuffy so I went to the bar upstairs to ask for a chilled glass of water.
Then off to the ladies', to check on the lipstick, where a bunch of ladies with their beautiful dresses and their hair up in complicated signons were barfing all over the place! How charming... And it was only 11:30.
I really don't understand why they miss all the fun by getting so drunk. I had a glass of champagne before dinner and a glass of wine during. And no cigarettes of course!!! How boring am I???!!!

It was so mad downstairs so I decided to stay a bit upstairs. I found a couple of friends and we chatted, and then the lead singer of the band, a girl with a beautiful voice, started singing "All I want for Chrismas is you"
The crowd went NUTS!!!
I was on my way to go down the stairs, literally two feet away, when a girl who was going bananas with the song FELL ON ME and dropped me on the floor with all her might!
I didn't know if I wanted to scream or laugh. So I just turned around and looked at her with the look "You stupid drunken cow!".
The poor girl was so in shock that she had put her hand on her mouth and she just stared at me speechless. . She was still in shock when I was going down the stairs to find my friends. Petrified! I think she must have left after that...

When the song finished the band said goodnight and the crappy DJ came on stage. The music he played was absolutely unacceptable so I sat down and gossipped a bit more with my friends.
FINALLY he decided to play some decent Madonna and we hit the dancefloor for the last time.

The beautiful chandeliers which sparkled all night through...

The whole thing finished at 1am. Because I was wearing sandals and I was barefoot, I was freezing, until my taxi picked me up at 1.30. I snuggled at the back seat and almost fell asleep.
I came home happy and put my 3 alarms on because I had to wake up in less than 6 hours...!

So that was the ball for this year.
A bit of glam with a lot of slapstick.
Something like out of Absolutely Fabulous...
And it was absolutely fabulous!!!


Dale said...

Hey Marietta!

Sounds like quite the party. Great for future conversations!
I ROFLed when I read about all the fancy dressed "ladies" all barfing in the bathroom!!!
I had a great time at my party, too. It was a "sleep over" at a fancy resort nearby. We just had to wander down the hall after the party to our fluffy feather bed & collapse.
It's posted on my blog. Or "blob" as Kid Ric likes to say...

Thanks for the kind & supportive words on my blog. You are very kind.
I want to visit London so badly!


BallerinaGurl said...

Oh Darling it sounded wonderful! Especially the food! Oh I can't pass up delicious food! I must have been a baker and a chef in past lives lol!

You looked stunning in my favorite array of colors!! Very chic! Who did your dress? I fancy the top very much.

Well reading all that I am exhausted lol! Hope you woke up in time. I am sat here with a sore throat coming down with something and back from the dentist...not a fun combo! Tomorrow training all day. No time to blog much but just had to check out your post because I knew with all you told me about it surly it must have been magical and I could not wait to read!

Have a lovely Tuesday!
XX-back at ya!

Tausha71979 said...

Hello Marietta!

I have been waiting for this story all night, I finally checked in and there it was! Ooh, it all sounds so lovely, so different from the parties here. You also looked really lovely, I Loved the story of the stiletto (though I know that it hurt). Thank you for the photos, puts a great visual on! Hope that you were able to get up on time.


jillytee said...

Oh Marietta what a night you had! I've been waiting for your report on it. It sounds as if you had a fabulous time even if you did get trampled on a couple of times. What are you like? lol... I bet you were tired the next day! Mark and I have been lucky enough to attend several airline balls there and it really is a beautiful place.... oooh the chandeliers.. Did you know the Great Hall used to be an ice rink? How magical that must have been.
Don't work too hard this week, take care
Jill xoxoxox

ADAM said...


Thanks for the posting on mi blog!
I'm glad to hear you had a great time at the ball. Shame about the stiletto incident. I bet that hurt! As for the girl 'falling' on you? When I think about it that just sounds like some kind of jealous hissy outburst. I think it's because you looked better than she did and she just couldn't handle it ! Come to think of it the stiletto incident could also have been done out of the same reason.


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I forgot to comment on your beautiful outfit!
I love the colour & design!
To our party, I wore a basic, black cocktail dress with a minimum of accessories. I didn't even have a handbag...

The food sounds marvelous, too. I can't even imagine going to a fancy do in London! One of my lifelong dreams!
There I go again...

Hope it snows for you!


AlianaDrex said...

Once again I am tagging along with you vicariously. Sounds like so much fun. A little painful at moments, but you look amazing, dahling! Have a great week.

Mark T said...

Hi Marietta, sounds like you had a really lovely time, apart from the mishaps that is. I haven't had that much time to Blog lately what with work and nights out for Christmas. I will be glad when Christmas day is here and a chance to relax. Bed time now as it's 2350. Nice to hear you are still off the fags!! Mark

greekzoe said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in your outfit. It sounds like you had a fabulous time with a couple exceptions. Your stories make me laugh.
I hope your 1cm diameter mark on your foot has gone away.:)
Have a good day tomorrow.

BallerinaGurl said...

By the way......who IS that guy in the pic and what the )*#(&$)@*&$ is he wearing? Did he get the right invitation LOL

Nabonidus said...

I could really visualise all of it, including the 1 am barefoot freezing and then having to get up an less than 6 hours. And the girl that
fell on
You looked great, and I'm glad you had fun but I'm glad I wasn't you the next morning!lol
p.s. Thanks for coming to my blog, I love the encouragementheheh, speaking of which, I put another clip up, an improved version of the previous clip - you guys inspire me!:)

Anne-Marie said...

what a party! You look fabulous, my dear. Thanks for posting such a vivid recounting of the night!


Marietta said...

Hello all,

Thanks for visiting!
It was a fun night indeed, thank God with no major injuries, LOL.

Molly, I don't know the guy in the picture, he's an employee, I wish I knew in which dept.
He's dressed as a Camp Artful Dodger?????

Everybody: I woke up in plenty of time the next day, but I was half alseep the whole day.
My manager, who was at the table with me, didn't come to work at all, she had a "migraine"!

Will blog something new later tonight.


to all :o)

Anne-Marie said...

Hey bella,

thanks for the blog link. as for the convention, I'm working on it. There's this little complication called school, but that did not stop me the last time (I flew to London for the weekend to attend the last convention). It will be a last minute decision, with the hopes of some well-priced tickets from a relative who works at BA.


Delbut said...

Hi, sounds like you had a good time!

that's the trouble with Christmas, you have to drink and have fun. We should do it more often.

have a good holiday.


Sam said...

That sounds like a great christmas party!

Shame you can't make the gig tonight.

We'll be announcing a load more gigs in january. i'll let you know about them! There'll be some in London as well as some universties around the country.

I'm looking forward to Christmas. Just going to relax, eat and drink without worrying about anything.

Hope you have a good xmas and new year!


JoeBoy said...

Well a few dings to the body and a great night out. Sounds like you had some fun M. I gained weight just reading about the food. Yummmmmmm!

Tausha71979 said...


You are so sweet for adding the link to the Rachel forum, I really appreciate it. Your poll was fun! I really had to think hard which ones I wanted to choose! I owe you a cocktail at the next chat!


Rene said...

Hi Marietta, Happy Christmas

(your night out looked fantastic by the way!)

X Rene

Gary said...

sounds like a good old knees up if you ask me.

You looked lovely.

Glad you had an awesome time. Wish we were still in London.

Kara said...

Sounds like you had a great night except for the incident.

You looked lovely all dressed up :)