Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Here are a few of pictures I found of Halkidiki, the place where Rachel went and "fell in love", as she said.
Halkidiki is a Penninsula at the North of Greece, very close to my hometown, Thessaloniki.

It's breathtakingly beautiful as you see in the pictures, the sea is crystal clear, the hotels are super lux and of course the food is the most delicious on earth!

I've been twice, one for holiday when I was little and one when I was 23, and I was touring with an American amateur theatrical company, giving performances of The Three Penny Opera (Roger D. comes to mind) and Carnival.

Ah, summer nostalgia in the middle of December!


greekzoe said...

Hey Marietta!
Gorgeous is right! What beautiful pictures. I have not yet been to Greece. Someday... Oh well. I asked my husband Pete if he had been there he said no but he had been to Thessaloniki.
Take care!

Kid Ric said...

Just seeing these pictures has made me fall in love. What a beautiful place.

See you Saturday.

Thanks again for adding your charm and charisma to the chat.

Peace, love and light.

Tausha71979 said...


Oh it is so beautiful! Can't imagine being able to say that I fell in love there, lucky Rachel! Thanks for sharing!


Tausha71979 said...

P.S. thank you for adding me to your links, that was really sweet of you!


jillytee said...

Good morning Marietta! such beautiful photos, I've never been to Greece, but it's on my list of places to see. You'll have to come as our tour guide!
Jill xoxox

ADAM said...

Hello Marietta,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your pictures are amazing!. Just looking at them makes me feel that I could fall into them.
As I look out from my window I can see the white tower of Leeds Uni upon the skyline. It's nice to know that you studied there. Leeds isn't such a bad place. It's a bit boring for a City that likes to think of itself as a 24 hour place.If you look on an on-line 'What's on' you will see what I mean.
About 10 years ago I staged a gig for a charity that teaches deaf children to communicate through music and vibrations. After the event I contacted Pete and asked him if he would play the next one. He phoned me to say that he was considering the idea. The idea of another Live at Leeds album was even suggested (by him). Although it never never know what might.
I'm not sure if the bar/café that you wrote about is still there. So much has changed now within the City center that even I have trouble keeping up with it all.
As for my comments on Simon's blog? It's just great to see him emerging from the shadow of his elder brother. It's as if he has been keeping his talent a secret for all these years. I can only say that I have been 'stunned' by both his performances and his songs. I sincerely hope he gets the recognition he deserves!.

Be happy !


BallerinaGurl said...

STUNNING!!! Let's go!!!!!

E.L. Wisty said...

Blindingly beautiful indeed.

I should really visit the area and Northern Greece in general. Very interested in the remains of Byzantinian history.

Dale said...

Hi Marietta

It's no wonder Rachel fell in love there! It looks quite romantic.

I've never been to Greece. What brought you to the UK? I've been to a few different places in the United States & to Fiji.
Have to admit, Fiji was amazing!!

I'd better go now. My kids will be home soon. We're going to their Christmas Concert this evening.


Mark T said...

The sea looks so inviting. Dreary old England looks crap at the moment, unless you live in Southend as Mikey seems to take some lovely photos. Hope that you are well. Mark

JoeBoy said...

Note to self. Leave Texas winter behind. Go to Greece.

Kid Ric said...

Hi Marietta, My super special little hostess. Thank you for your more than kind comment. It will be a long journey for sure.

Peace, love and light.

PTfan said...

What gorgeous pictures! Stunning. Oh, and speaking of lovely, that poem you posted on my blog comments. is amazing. Thank you so very much for posting that. So after youstun me with those incredible words, then you crack me up with your humor. you are so funny.

Oh, and I was there at the chat! You forgot to list me. Boo hoo.

BallerinaGurl said...

Got your voicemail love....I was in the loo with my daughter! LOL she almost fell in...that is another silly story! Ah the joys of potty training! HEHEHE.

I was going to call you back but you said you were headed to bed. So tomorrow I will be free anytime after 2pm my time (7 hours behind) call if you can...or let me know when I can call you!

Kisses back!!!

Nabonidus said...

Sooo beautiful, I tried to blow them up to use for wallpaper, but it didn't work. :)
I've got a few things to catch up on around here, you're a busy blogger!