Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Three lovely days


I went home after work and cooked spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce. Quick and easy and not very Christmassy, I know, but I make it with three cheeses melted in the oven and it's our favourite food. I also warmed up the Christmas pudding and the custard sauce and left them in the oven to be warm for after dinner.

My flatmate had spent all day cleaning and "licking the floors" so the flat looked gorgeous.

I set up the table with my Christmas tablecloth and lit up four candles around it. I opened a bottle of wine and I put on Classic FM, where there were real Christmas Carols playing and we sat down and had a nice quiet dinner. We were both tired from a crazy week (she works in the movie industry) and we both enjoyed that moment.

It had a kind of magic and I will remember and cherish it for a long time...


My best friend of 27 years has been living in London for eleven years. One of the reasons I came to live here too is because I was missing her. We are more than two sisters now, she's done so many things for me and I think I was there for her too.
I was also chief bridesmaid at her wedding, when she married a good English man and I am the godmother of her daughter.
Every year her in-laws invite me to their home for Christmas lunch, and this year was no exception. They are fantastic people, warm-hearted, cheerful, funny and they have been amazing towards me all those years. They have a gorgeous house near Bromley in Kent, with a beautiful garden and a lovely fireplace.

I was wearing a new skirt I bought the previous day,
which is quite long and it's like a tu-tu
-and it was love at first sight! -
and my silver pumps
which were combined with my silver top
and my long silver cross on the kneck.
So we arrived at the beautiful house at about 1 o'clock, where we were treated with Champagne and hors d'oeuvres and a working fireplace.
The lovely smells from the kitchen were filling my nostrils and making my mouth sallivate! After half an hour or so we sat down at the table and my 9 year old goddaughter acted like our waitress and started serving our food. The turkey was tender, the potatoes crunchy and juicy, the stuffing delicious, the ham succulent, the bread sauce picant and I even had a Brussels sprout for the first (and last) time in my life. All that was washed down with my favourite wine, a Sauvignon Blanc.
Stuffed and happy like a butcher's puppy!

Then it was time to open the presents...
My best friend gave me a fantastic pair of ear muffs where you can put your headphones in, so that I'm not cold when I go to and from work while I listen to my music, a hilarious book called "Is it just me or is everything shit?" and the 2nd series of Little Britain on DVD. Her in-laws gave me these fabulous glasses, from which I've been drinking all day today.

My presents were liked by everyone: books on war for the boys, Gwen Stefani CD and some money for the little one, Korres cosmetics for the lady of the house and a handbag for my best friend.
And after the presents: the dessert!!! A chocolate cheesecake with vanilla ice cream! Yum-my!
The fun started after the dessert when we played "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" England VS Greece. My friend (Zoe), her daughter (Alexia) and me for Greece and Zoe's husband with his parents for England. Not only did Greece win, but we won the million as well!!!!!
Oh, it felt so good!
Then we became really silly and played Charades with wine-fuelled laughter, until it was time to go. I had a lovely time and I can't wait for next year's lunch!
I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine and here's to many more!


I woke up at midday! Fabulous... Had a great coffee and breakfast and then my flatmate read me my TAROT cards. Exciting things for the future, looks like I'm crossing the ocean to relocate in the following year (???)

The day went quickly after that. In the afternoon I sent a few hellos to fellow bloggers and noticed that EL Wisty recommends Google Earth, a programme where you can see satellite pictures of any corner in the world! Well, I downloaded it and my flatmate and I spent a good three hours looking around the globe and finding our homes in London, in Canada and in Greece. It was quite spooky when we found our house and I zoomed in... I felt a bit weird and scared???? But it was fascinating.

Tomorrow I want to find a quiet time to read Pete's new chapter and back to work Wednesday, when the Sale starts and it's going to be just MAD!!! Who knows when will I rest again...

The New Year is near and it's going to be great, because Pete has announced a new Who Tour and Rachel is going to follow them with the Attic shows! Also, Simon and the Casbah Club are going to be supporting The Who! My excitement couldn't be bigger, I'm smiling like an idiot all the time!!!!!

Have a great week, all of you!!!


greekzoe said...

It sure sounds like you had three lovely days. I know they are well deserved!!
You outfit is gorgeous!
Glad all is well!
Love, Zoe

Anne-Marie said...


so glad you've had a great three days. I love the wine glasses! They are stunning. The skirt is very elegant, and the gold shoes are very nice with it.
Check out my favourite Xmas present- I posted a pic on my blog. It's Pete in a box!


BallerinaGurl said...

How about you fly over here and go to the concerts with me!!!

Sounds like a plan to me!


jillytee said...

Hi Marietta, lovely to hear you had a great Christmas, here's to many more! The new year feels exciting so bring it on I say!

AlianaDrex said...

Sounds wonderful! You have been a busy girl! I've been thinking about you. Maybe that means you'll be here next year. I'll set an extra place at the table ;^). I'll speak to you soon.

Brina said...

Dear Marietta, It's a beautiful new skirt and the ensemble just glows, I should say YOU glow!

Thanks for telling us about your holidays. They sound really lovely and fun.

I didn't do much in the way of dress-up, just didn't feel full strength and so I kind of dressed more normally than usual for Christmas here.

But you, my dear, you did it up right!


Meg said...

I am glad to hear you enjoyed your Christmas holiday so much, it is nice to put aside life for one day and really enjoy the finer things in life! Bravo

Yes, indeed 2006 is going to be a real roller coaster ride (BTW I love roller coasters!)

Michael said...

What a great year we have had allready. Look at all the freinds we made thru Rachel and Pete. I feel blessed. Im glad you had a great holiday. I will post pics of my kids soon .....michael :)

BallerinaGurl said...

Tempting Tempting 123~!

You are most welcome to come here to visit me and go to several lovely concerts we hear are visiting! I think it would be a blast!!

Dale said...

Dear Marietta

I love the photo of you in your new outfit! I love long skirts.
Makes me wish I could post photos of myself, but I'm not able to yet.
Wait for my new computer...

Your Christmas sounds absolutely wonderful. I am glad there are souls out there who enjoy the season as much as we do!

Maybe your overseas travel will be will be "camp following" The Who.
Or possibly a visit to western Canada?

I will post our Holiday Adventures on a future blog.
Like when I have more fun & others in my family are not waiting to go on the Internet...

Have a Happy New Year.


Dale said...


I meant "when I have more "time" & others aren't waiting to go on the Internet..."

Michael said...

Hey Marietta,
I got the WHO Tommy/Quadrophenia DVD for Christmas. It's great!!! The commentaries are pricless too. Sherry also got me "Behind Blue Eyes" the updated version. Im starting to read it now. It seems all Pete ever wanted during his childhood is love. I know where he was coming from. Shery spoiled me this year, she didnt get me much, but she hit it right on the head with what I wanted and what I liked. I also got "100 years of Gibson Guitar" So that made my Christmas.....michael :)

Gary said...

Well that sounds like a really really nice Christmas Marietta. Ours was similar, had Lasagna (Stephani's family is from around Naples), lots of little voices, took tons of pictures, oh and did I mention Italian pastries from the bakery in San Pedro? Yes, I'll be walking to and from lunch a lot to work these additional pounds off.

Who Tour in 2006 -- YES!!!!

Kid Ric said...

You sure have had a lot going on. Bless you. Glad you had a great christmas.

Beautiful picture in your outfit. Love the shoes.

Peace, love and light.

Debby C said...

Hi Marietta - Very pretty picture of you...thanks for the support...let day 2 begin...

Dale said...

I meant to tell you how much I love your new wine glasses!
Very original!

Tausha71979 said...


Great photo of you, you look really lovely! Wow, next time I'm coming with you to the event. Sounds almost like my family, I'd fit right in;) I love playing games, especially when I get to act, it's always fun to watch people & their reactions! Hope that you are still enjoying yourself, talk to you soon!


E.L. Wisty said...

Oh you had such an enjoyable Christmas time! I'm glad for you!