Friday, December 30, 2005

Thanks, sweet blogger-friends!!!

I love this place.
Once someone shows that he or she may have a problem, everyone runs to console...

Thank you for writing such fabulous comments about my, not so serious after all-more sentimental, problem.
Each one of the suggestions is priceless, unfortunately there is nothing I could do, but put the timer on and tape it.
I will be on my way to work when the concert starts, so unless I buy a portable TV -that's an idea that occured to me late last night- I won't be able to watch it live.
I'll think about it...depends on the cost...!

The workload I have is ridiculous. Paperwork weighing a ton to be sorted and put into EXCEL, reports and emails to be sent...don't ask.
Tomorrow I'll be at work at 8am. My choice!
Tonight I'm having a quick dinner, a nice long bath and early sleep.

Sorry, I won't be able to visit your blogs tonight, my dear friends. Thank you for your support and understanding, I'll give you big fat kisses for the New Year, through Blogger, very soon!
A couple of days off are imminent after this crazy weekend, so I'll devote plenty of time to you, my cyber friends.

Also, I need to update my quitting blog, which I have abandoned since the 22nd of the month. Shame on me!
And I'm planning two end-of-the-old-year-beginning-of-the-new posts!!!



greekzoe said...

Dear Marietta,
Wishing you a fabulous New Year even though you will be at work.:( We have lots to look forward to this coming year. I hope 2006 brings you nothing but the best.
Χρονια Πολλα


Anne-Marie said...

Dear Marietta,
I love how you find the positive in what seems like a negative situation. I hope you have some wonderful days ahead and a Happy New Year!


Dale said...

Dear Marietta

You have the Happiest of New Year's possible!
After all, New Year's Day lasts only one day.
The New Year lasts, well... a year!

You are a new friend that I can bring into my New Year with me!


AlianaDrex said...

Pass the Vasilopita!
Sorry if the spelling is not right. I have to Americanize a bit. I hope it brings all things wonderful.

Kid Ric said...

We all love you!

Happy New Year to you and your family my friend.

"Chat after the New Year" will take place on Sunday January 8th 2006 at 2pm Mountain time at BallerinaGurl's. Will be inviting special guests so you never know who will show up and make our time more enjoyable.

Peace, love and light.

Nabonidus said...

Hey Marietta,
That sucks that you have to work!
But you have the right attitude about it.And keep that awesome sense of humor that you have,for
The new year will bring good things for you, anyway. :)